An archive on Александр Бари, the Samoilovs, the Aizenmans, and related beings and creations

The article in Our Heritage, with photographs and stories of adventure in the CCCP from 1918 forward
Paintings of Olga Bari-Aizenman [Note: Simeon Aizenman, a lawyer, was from Yalta]
Paintings of Alexei Aizenman [This and most other sites also include family photographs]

A.V. Bari on Wikipedia
Moscow walks past the old factory
Printing press building by A.V. Bari, Centennial Exposition, Philadelphia

Photograph of Henrietta Sergeievna Kahn-Bari

Article on Benjamin M. Bary, the “hot Talmudist opponent”. There is also a 2003 book in Russian, on Schukov, that apparently has a great deal of information on Veniamin Matveevich.
Benjamin M. Bary on Wikipedia

Latvian Holocaust project
Yad Veshem Shoah database

There is so much more, and this post will be an aggregator.


10 thoughts on “An archive on Александр Бари, the Samoilovs, the Aizenmans, and related beings and creations

  1. My cousin Victor says Henrietta Kahn was German or from Germany, whatever this means in Latvia at the time of her birth (1822).

    He says the Bary line was Huguenots who fled Alsace Lorrain, probably after Louis XIII suspended the Edict of Nantes. They went to Poland, moved up to Riga, and became Russian when Latvia was incorporated into Russia.

    My father thinks the Bary line is from De Bary, Tournai, Belgium, and went to Germany — Hamburg, Prussia, the Hanseatic states, and then the Baltic.

  2. It was Marburg where the above ancestor taught. And he is B. Moses B., and his father Moses Israel B. And he has brothers and uncles and they are on the Latvian army lists, family 464. What did the rest of his family do, one wonders, what were they like? He converted and they did not, which is another thing

  3. Now Dad says it was Konigsberg after all.


    According to this history of the Frankfurt Barys, the correct spelling of our place in Tournai is Bary or Bari, not Barry or Barri.

    We’re not descended from Louis de Bary (born Tournai 1530) because he is the one who went to Frankfurt (as his brother Jacques may also have done – they departed together to Cologne, from whence Louis went to Frankfurt). If Jacques went elsewhere then he’s a possible ancestor. But Antoine de Bary, b. Tournai 1492, had five additional sons, and there could also be someone else in Tournai who is our ancestor. Antoine de Bary does not sound Jewish, and Israel (a name that appears in the list of his descendants) was used by Protestants. Yet the Mitau Barys seem very Jewish indeed, looking at the names and looking at the fact that they’re on a list of Jews.

    The other possibility is that we are from Tournai or from Belgium but were always Jewish. Belgian Wikipedia:

    “Au XVIe siècle, beaucoup de Juifs séfarades expulsés d’Espagne s’installèrent aux Pays-Bas et en Belgique. De nombreux marranes crypto-juifs, qui se revendiquaient officiellement du christianisme, s’installèrent également à Anvers à la fin du XVe siècle. Parmi ces derniers, certains y prospèreront au point d’intégrer complètement l’aristocratie flamande, tels les Rodriguez d’Evora.”

    What were the discussions with Benjamin Bary about whether or not the family was “really Jewish” about? Henrietta Khan’s was and Benjamin’s was. Maybe his mother wasn’t, but the names of all the men are very Jewish and not at all assimilated-type names.

  4. BARI, Judel/Isidor Levin
    Merchant of top guild, Jelgava
    Hotel ‘London’, by travel, Riga 51/1 1890-188

    1900 travel records Courland. Judel Bari is surely my cousin.

  5. I don’t know that Susman Bary is a relative, but I am betting this Judel is.
    Marriages Riga
    BARY, Judel RUKEISAR, Ida 1876
    BARY, Susman GOLDBERG, Bertha 1903

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