Evoke and elide / the denial of difference

Denial of difference. This was one of my original insights on the problem I am trying to work out. Creole rhetoric after independence needs black characters to serve as mediators for white ones, works to bring everyone into what Piedra calls “literary whiteness”–you can be black and write, but you have to write race-neutral. And … More Evoke and elide / the denial of difference

Deborah Root and the concept of my book

I must find that Julio Ortega book, and I must teach something by Ortega y Gasset in that class on raza. On Spain, we will read things by Branche, Goode, Piedra, and Ortega y Gasset. We will also study Vasconcelos and Aztlán: espíritu, raza, palabra. Meanwhile: Deborah Root’s 1988 review of Todorov’s La conquête de l’Amérique points … More Deborah Root and the concept of my book

Modernity and the law

“Yeah, it’s as though the law nominally exists for us, but is held from us at the same time.” There is something about this. It is my evoke-and-elide thesis again. Things exist yet do not, and this appears to be a characteristic of modern states. I do not understand it yet but much of what … More Modernity and the law

An earlier work plan

(According to Reeducation, your baseline should be that you are too unhappy to function and your goal should be to function minimally nonetheless, or attain feelings of happiness, just for the day. Before Reeducation I did not think a great deal about happiness, although I was happy most of the time. If your baseline is … More An earlier work plan

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