A brief and subjective review of Charlottesville, Virginia

I should have driven further but traffic was thick and it is raining, so I have stopped in Charlottesville. I started out in northern Maryland, driving to Washington, DC where I parked off the national mall and went to the Cézanne exhibit at the National Gallery, which is worthwhile. The gift shop at the National … More A brief and subjective review of Charlottesville, Virginia

Remnants of that article draft

***Alternatives to the current university: Edu-factory, more. ***Bosquet: adjunct women wildcatting will be what saves us. Is this an adequate hope? Can we all get together to reeducate the public / rebuild the idea of the public and the public good? ***Asking for accountability from administratons:  the LARB article. ***AAUP needs much closer connections regional/national, … More Remnants of that article draft

La liste

These are some things I may do to expand my health program: Magic 10 yoga poses. Givamukti yoga. Tumeric with black pepper. Reduce caffeine. Acupuncture. Swimming, push-ups, backbends, locust pose, squats. Axé.