Alexander Veniaminovich

At first there was an apartment in the Polytechnic Museum, then they lived on Myasnitskaya (there is also a construction office), then they rented a house near the Kursk Way, in 1901 they bought their own house in Arkhangelsky Lane. Axé.


Word for today: Опричник, oprichnik. I will learn the suffix -nik, ник, and apply it in English. I will learn to spell: noodnik, refusenik, vatnik, and other -nik words. I will discover the relation of -ik (Bolshevik, etc.) to -nik. Inspiration: Sorokin, Day of the Oprichnik. And there is also мобик, mobik. In other news … More Опричник

Classical music, Königsberg, our ancestor, Gayl Jones, and Sonny Boy Williamson

This evening I did nothing; I could have worked or worked out or washed dishes, or done other useful things, but I was riveted to my chair listening to the radio. First, The Squash Hut. Selected songs by Samuel Scheidt, Heinrich Schütz, Johann Hildebrand, Heinrich Albert, Johann Bach, Andreas Hammerschmidt, Johann Nauwach, Johann Hermann Schein … More Classical music, Königsberg, our ancestor, Gayl Jones, and Sonny Boy Williamson

Sobre los rusos

I did not discover until recently that I was so well known among the Russian cousins, or why. It was because they were having severe problems with my aunt, because she was suffering from age and from being in the USSR. They could solve many problems for her but not the facts of age and … More Sobre los rusos


So it is, dear descendants of Alexander Veniaminovich! The evening dedicated to our common ancestor is scheduled for May 24, Wednesday, at 18 o’clock at the House of the Russian Diaspora in Taganka Square, Moscow. There will be invitations. Write here, who and how many people are coming, or send me a personal message. Bring … More Taganka

Des joies du printemps.

A map shows each country’s current second language. Saudi Arabia’s is Tagalog. That New Orleans-Havana connection. * Russia in 1921, as represented at a conference of London trade unionists, held in the Friars Hall, Blackfriars Road, London, held on May 7 of that year. Here, the report’s author visits Russia. Volin’s anarchist analysis of the Revolution. … More Des joies du printemps.

Some detention letters for my relatives.

Here is one and there is another. They are for Aleksandr Voskresensky and my cousin Lydia Voskresenskaya, and her sister Eugenia Nersessova and her husband. In November, 1921 they were arrested and held in Butyrskaya Prison until December. The site the letters are on seems to be about political prisoners 1918-1922 and 1922-1938. It is very inconvenient … More Some detention letters for my relatives.


This is a current photograph of the house in Kazan where my cousins Anya Alexandrovna Bari and Alexander Filippovich Samoilov lived from 1910-1930. As you see, it has a plaque. During the Russian Civil War the Samoilovs’ twin sons, Alexander Veniaminovich’s first grandchildren, walked to Shanghai with the Czech batallions and sailed to San Francisco, … More Kazan