Pérez Firmat

This is an exact description of what happened to me with my ill-fated Vallejo book. Its ill fate killed me and it took me a long time — seven years, I believe — to understand. If I had understood it then I could have worked on or with the situation. But I did not understand … More Pérez Firmat

Absorb heterogeneity, depoliticize difference

That’s what they are up to, those authors. Meanwhile: Hispanism is an imperial project but Latin American writing is multi-voiced from the beginning; the Inca Garcilaso, for instance, insists upon himself as a Quechua narrator, for instance, and Mazzotti (1995 in Revista Iberoamericana and elsewhere) insists on the aural qualities of this text as well. … More Absorb heterogeneity, depoliticize difference


I am having a difficult time with that organization because it was to be secular and political but it is in effect Christian and charitable. Those are very different things. People do not believe me, but they are. “We are pursuing the same goals.” Are we? They are fundraising to help people, and they are … More Gap

Really rebellious

Technically, my best student is the one who has made Full at an R1. Really, the best one came from much worse circumstances and with the B.A., now has another promotion in their job. That is the one my lazy, slacking self gave lazy, slacking extra points to so they could graduate and get out. … More Really rebellious


This group is a non-profit but it depends upon the work of one member who thinks of that work as a way to live. They would like salary, and they have referred to us as a business. They are already getting reimbursed for mileage at the IRS business, not charity rate because they wanted to … More Why

Je te vois

On the concept of “feeling heard,” that I always mock. I do not ask of entities like the university that they merely hear me, I want them to actually do things (like hire on the tenure track). Being heard is nothing, I always say I want action.HOWEVER. What I always did want was to be … More Je te vois