My 23d year in this house and at last I have a desk that really is the right height. I feel completely different. Completely. I also have a solid kitchen floor, after 23 years. There are only a few more things to do and the house will be quite comfortable. I have new tires and … More Things

Revista hispánica moderna

The current issue is on Hispanism. On another topic, I am looking for a 1951/52 article in it by Monguió, on the “crematística” of the 19th century novel. On poetry, there’s Malva Flores, “el ocaso de los poetas intelectuales,” on strategies of legitimation of poetry. Axé.

What I am interested in

I am interested in seeing how racism operates in these representations. I do not think this has really been done. Speaker: “The [white gallery] spaces are really violent [against Blackness].” This explains a lot: the space of my department is really violent against Spanish. Axé.

Pérez Firmat

This is an exact description of what happened to me with my ill-fated Vallejo book. Its ill fate killed me and it took me a long time — seven years, I believe — to understand. If I had understood it then I could have worked on or with the situation. But I did not understand … More Pérez Firmat

Absorb heterogeneity, depoliticize difference

That’s what they are up to, those authors. Meanwhile: Hispanism is an imperial project but Latin American writing is multi-voiced from the beginning; the Inca Garcilaso, for instance, insists upon himself as a Quechua narrator, for instance, and Mazzotti (1995 in Revista Iberoamericana and elsewhere) insists on the aural qualities of this text as well. … More Absorb heterogeneity, depoliticize difference