Estos, Fabio

Estos, Fabio, ¡ay dolor!, que ves ahora campos de soledad, mustio collado, fueron un tiempo Itálica famosa. Aquí de Cipión la vencedora colonia fue; por tierra derribado yace el temido honor de la espantosa muralla, y lastimosa reliquia es solamente de su invencible gente. Sólo quedan memorias funerales donde erraron ya sombras de alto ejemplo … More Estos, Fabio

Une question

How much do students know about you? It appears that they know (correctly) that I had two straight parents who did not divorce, and one brother. They do not know more although they guess (incorrectly) that I am (a) Mexican or Argentine, (b) from “Europe,” and (c) lesbian (reasons for this are wearing black, not … More Une question

Un poème

While I was driving I thought of various poems I would have written when I stopped, except that I never got to stop early enough because of road construction and traffic. They were in a certain style and now the New Yorker has published one like them. I do not generally like the poems the … More Un poème

Arc of the year

The question for the last throw was “Where is home?” This throw is on the shape of the coming academic year, after the eclipse and a change in governance. It merits thought. Heart of the matter/the present: 3 of Swords Challenge/obstacle: Son of Swords (Knight) Root of the question: The Star (XVII); The Star in … More Arc of the year

Anxiety and voice

I have greater problems with anxiety, and also with lack of voice, than I knew–and these problems are related. Here in California, with the mountains, redwoods, seas, I have perspective and do not experience these problems, but in the swamps of Louisiana, I do. Tomorrow I have to work on: poetry selections for the new … More Anxiety and voice