Latin Americanism

I have finally ordered Alberto’s book, and we will find out what I think of his story. In the meantime, I never read his whole schtick on Latin Americanism. Perhaps now I shall. It’s The Cultural Practice of Latin Americanism and it’s in three volumes, and it started in Dispositio. There’s an article I’m recycling … More Latin Americanism

Pérez Firmat

This is an exact description of what happened to me with my ill-fated Vallejo book. Its ill fate killed me and it took me a long time — seven years, I believe — to understand. If I had understood it then I could have worked on or with the situation. But I did not understand … More Pérez Firmat

Rudy Acuña

[Interviewer] You wrote: “In order to offset the lack of public funding, administrators have raised tuition with students becoming the primary consumers and debt-holders. Institutions have entered into research partnerships with industry shifting the pursuit of truth to the pursuit of profits.” To accelerate this “molting,” they have “hired a larger and larger number of short-term, part-time … More Rudy Acuña

Borges, or, I guess I’ve got to develop another course

Of course there’s a Spanish professor who says we should not teach Borges at all, we should teach about the drug wars, but I will have to go further with him, not less far. My irritation with the version of Borges taught in many English classes is that they call him and various others “magical … More Borges, or, I guess I’ve got to develop another course

On Foucault

I must remember my lunchtime insight on Foucault, and write about it. His message is that you have lost, and you can analyze this but resistance is futile. I thought it as a freshman, reading him in the French Library as person upon person renounced militancy, and I am thinking it again. The other point … More On Foucault

One way or another

…I’m going to find you, find you, find you. Posts for today are from Remaking the University and they are about money. One and two. There’s this too, although I find the Green New Deal framework distracting, and this, and this. Axé.


I went to get that book from the library and it was there, along with two books of interest I had heard of and one I had not, so I checked out all four. It was amazing. This paper is not in my field, but in a field the university supports, and I feel like … More Support