Dentro del vergel

Dentro del vergel moriré dentro del rosal matar me han. Yo me iba, mi madre, las rosas coger, hallara la muerte dentro del vergel. Yo me iba, madre, las rosas cortar, hallara la muerte dentro del rosal. Dentro del vergel moriré, dentro del rosal matar me han. In the garden I will die In the … More Dentro del vergel

A Death Notice

“JIMMY JACKSON, #316558 (Black), 65, was serving a five year sentence for cocaine distribution in Lincoln Parish. Jackson was terminally ill when he arrived at Angola in early March, just two weeks prior to his death. Because of his medical condition, which did not allow for a “knowing and intelligent decision,” he was unable to … More A Death Notice


I see ever more clearly what the mechanism of Reeducation was. The a priori assumptions were that one could not know what one felt or what was real, and that one should not do or think anything which could be construed as taking control. The resultant degree of doubt was overwhelming. Since no perception or … More Savagery

Calling All Historians

Curious students want to know: why was Latin America so thoroughly colonized before Africa was, given that there was European penetration in Africa even before America was discovered? I am stumped. One layperson’s hypothesis (invented by me, but I am really just guessing and I have no serious knowledge to base this on): the Treaty … More Calling All Historians

On Lynching

This documentary looks fascinating, but commentary on it is only one small part of WoC PhD‘s very informative post. Axé.


I am supposed to be at a dance to help raise money for a probably dying colleague who does not have supplemental health insurance, but I am at work. I may make the dance yet; if not I can still donate to the cause. The following came from a comments thread: Comment: This point about … More Dimanche