Boiling Down

I have been cleaning out my books and files. They are excellent, if I do say so myself, and I need to spend much more time with them. Looking at them makes me realize how much more I need to read, but also how much I know. And now that I have almost extirpated Reeducation … More Boiling Down

On Self-Respect

As we know, authoritarianism is a Bane. Masked authoritarianism is a particularly insidious type of Bane. I have made progress in the construction of my diaphanous screen, but the reason I have become so allergic to academia is that many people in it are primarily interested in destroying the self-respect of others and being supercilious … More On Self-Respect

Executive Order

Opposition to the war in Iraq is now illegal, and my assets, such as they are, can be seized. If they are, the lawsuit I will file and the fight which will ensue will be quite interesting. These executive orders smack of dictatorship and I wonder, can Presidents now sign executive orders in violation of … More Executive Order

Julio Jaramillo

It is the weekend, so we must sing! Here is Julio Jaramillo, the Nightingale of America. Listen to his voice, and to the lyrics of this amusing song. “This is just another record – or yet another record – of mine that you will listen to, and remember our wild and beautiful romance.” Axé.

In a Nutshell

I I have been ranting and raving against Reeducation in a comments thread for two days now. I have had a couple of small illuminations. I have said virtually everything I have to say. I am tired of the topic. After this recapitulation, I am dropping it, although I do not promise never to mention … More In a Nutshell


Life is so fresh and bright, so present and immediate, when one stands on one’s own authority and lays one’s artificial burdens down. It is easy, like a summer brook. Soon I will again be as I had become before I entered Reeducation. I will be free and innocent like the flowers. This blog is … More Mantra

Diaphanous Screen

I expected the first day of graduate school to be like any other school day, since I was beginning the Ph.D. program in the same department from which I had just graduated. But as I entered the building to go teach my class – this having been my first act in graduate school – I … More Diaphanous Screen

Tiger Rag

Here is Louis Armstrong and his orchestra on the Tiger Rag, which, although I have never been to a football game, is the LSU fight song from what I understand. (The school mascot is a real Bengal tiger, now housed in a better cage than formerly due to public outcry. The current tiger died recently … More Tiger Rag

How They Live

I have just discovered that I do not have enough clothes. This is based on a list intended to guide people in cutting back, but it indicates I should go shopping. I didn’t know. The basic wardrobe for a woman should contain all of the following: • Two One heavy white t-shirts/knit tops, a short-sleeve … More How They Live