Colonial Desire

I have a photocopy of this book and it has always been something I should seriously read. It still is, even though it is old now. I forget that I have it because it is a photocopy. I’m going to get rid of the photocopy and probably buy the book, even though I do not … More Colonial Desire

Sentences for the next paper on Ferreira da Silva

Sentences I did not use in text #2 That racialization does not only use a logic of exclusion, but one of obliteration is one of Homo Modernus’ central insights. Why characters of color are elaborated and then disappeared in the novela das oito of the 1980s was a motivating question for Ferreira da Silva early … More Sentences for the next paper on Ferreira da Silva

El reino de este mundo

See Ferreira da Silva 179-80 on Prospero and Caliban. Does this apply to the Reino de este mundo? To magical realism? That of course will have to be contrasted to what Coronil says about REM, which he likes. But still, I think this is very interesting. Axé.


I suppose I should not have recycled the photocopy of Ruffinelli, Poesía y descolonización. La poesía de Nicolás Guillén. México: Editorial Oasis/Universidad Veracruzana, 1985, 177 págs. Looking at it irritated me no end. But it’s a perfect example of what I am talking about: Guillén is part of his “us” against the US. So he … More Ruffinelli


I wrote this down and I cannot remember when or who gave me these instructions. I did not understand them well at the time, either. In any case, this was in Spanish, not Portuguese. Axé.

Latin Americanism

I have finally ordered Alberto’s book, and we will find out what I think of his story. In the meantime, I never read his whole schtick on Latin Americanism. Perhaps now I shall. It’s The Cultural Practice of Latin Americanism and it’s in three volumes, and it started in Dispositio. There’s an article I’m recycling … More Latin Americanism

Race in Spain–and that language article

It is important to read this article about race. Also, I think I’m going to go to that SCLA conference again and present my paper “Language and the entrepreneurial university,” and see what they think of it. For that, there is this important article from 1989. Language is historically and linguistically conditions; experiences become experiences … More Race in Spain–and that language article