Anna Kornbluh

This is important to read. In my words: faux-anarchical anti-formations like hybridity, dissolution, and so on are part of the language of neoliberalism, not of something “subversive.” This was always my view, but it was not a permitted view when I was in formation myself, and not being allowed to say it was a large … More Anna Kornbluh

On “Castilian”

Notes toward my next piece of public writing (this was the last). People think Spanish in Mexico is a separate and inferior language and that “Castilian” is a rarefied, literary thing. Really, what we call “Spanish” is all Castilian, and it can be spoken in different dialects and speech registers, like English. It became “Spanish” … More On “Castilian”

Newly cut from the magical realism piece

I will put something like this back in later. Ironically enough, the enthusiasm for magical realism was fueled not only by the fact that the “Boom” novels associated with it were so widely circulated, but by the vicissitudes of Hispanism in the United States. After Angel Flores’ 1955 article “Magical Realism in Spanish American Fiction,” … More Newly cut from the magical realism piece


This post has to do with the magical realism piece, and in it is a link to a very nice piece on Morel–a novel(la) I will read and teach. Axé.

CUT from the magical realism piece

But there will be a longer version. Magical Realism The resolution of contradiction, or the apparent conciliation of dissonant epistemologies, that we know as magical realism has been celebrated, especially in the English-speaking world, as a decolonizing strategy that affirms realities beyond Western knowledge. In the Hispanic world and among Hispanists, on the other hand, … More CUT from the magical realism piece