Things I will do

I must also, before I fly, in addition to FU prize promotion: * do a manuscript review for RI* order books on my grant* talk to: Emily, Tom, and Amálio on the three other projects. I will do these things while also working on the magic realism and doing more university e-mail, and I will … More Things I will do

Magic realism

I have used and cited this article a couple of times and it is also part of a book the author published later, so I don’t need to keep the journal issue. Except that perhaps I do, for another article, on paternal anxiety. Anyway: this is Moreiras’ critique of the ideology of mestizaje/transculturation (where difference … More Magic realism

I will

Go to campus and deal with mail. Fill out a W-9 form for AP. Reserve a rental car. See about acupuncture. See if I have overpaid Best Buy. AND: It appears I could fly one way to Reno on American, early enough in the morning and stopping only once. I would then not have to … More I will


HAS Unlicensed handguns Drinks to go Frequent boil water warnings Unlimited reelection of governors Expanding homeless population (and it is illegal to be homeless in a public place) Californian tech exodus offering 50% above asking on every house DOES NOT HAVE Voting rights Abortion rights History education (it is illegal to teach about race, or … More Texas

Cosas aprendidas

Literature now isn’t just post-national, it’s national and post-national at once. (I read this in Hispamérica). The AEIOU strategy (IWW): agitate, educate, inoculate, organize, unionize. Unionization comes last not first, and the organizers are workers, not staffers for big unions. I learned more things, too. Axé.


Benefits of being old and of having seen things already. So I went to meet the student worker’s fiancé. I had not met him before, only heard. Based upon that, I was positively disposed. Still. I get there and find him in the doorway trembling for two reasons. He wants to impress me, but he … More Beneficios