This post has to do with the magical realism piece, and in it is a link to a very nice piece on Morel–a novel(la) I will read and teach. Axé.

CUT from the magical realism piece

But there will be a longer version. Magical Realism The resolution of contradiction, or the apparent conciliation of dissonant epistemologies, that we know as magical realism has been celebrated, especially in the English-speaking world, as a decolonizing strategy that affirms realities beyond Western knowledge. In the Hispanic world and among Hispanists, on the other hand, … More CUT from the magical realism piece

The Radical Spanish Empire: Petitions and the Creation of the New World

Read all about it, in this interview and this discussion. Points for my papers: Da Silva: postcolonialism and decoloniality reify Europe. This is my problem with her. Magical realism: what the postcolonialists see in it (the representation of views of colonizer and colonized at once, as though there were only two elements) fits Latin America … More The Radical Spanish Empire: Petitions and the Creation of the New World

Vallejo, the migrant

In addition to everything else, I must do AAUP business, but what I am doing is writing a piece about magical realism for my own pleasure and instruction. I read an old article by Cornejo Polar about migrant subjects and realized: THAT is also Vallejo’s kind of voice, speaking from everywhere (and not from a … More Vallejo, the migrant

Things I will do

I must also, before I fly, in addition to FU prize promotion: * do a manuscript review for RI* order books on my grant* talk to: Emily, Tom, and Amálio on the three other projects. I will do these things while also working on the magic realism and doing more university e-mail, and I will … More Things I will do