Omi and Winant

Typing lifted from Wikipedia, but good choice of quotation: “Becoming a citizen of this society is the process of learning to see race – that is, to ascribe social meanings and qualities to otherwise meaningless biological features. And in turn, race consciousness figures centrally in the building of a collective body of knowledge without which … More Omi and Winant

August log

I’ll go back to July’s log and take notes from it, but I essentially struggled the whole time when I did try to work and could not figure out my transitional sentence. I did that today, August 1, and polished it. It wasn’t a writing problem, it was a thought problem. I think that, except … More August log

Astrological reading

One of the things I learned from this is what a good reader I am myself. I need some more technical training and should probably go ahead and get it. Here are some notes: Gemini rising, so my chief operating system is AIR. I’m cerebral, want to make sense of things understand; I gravitate toward … More Astrological reading

Your work

The insight of the day: feeling that you have “your work.” I feel that way about ceramics, even though I am far from expert at this. I feel that way about the prison work. But not about my academic work and it is not because of the professionalization process, it is that I have not … More Your work

Ukrainian avant-garde

I lack access to this level of Project Muse. However: Managing the Arts in Soviet Ukraine Uilleam Blacker Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History Slavica Publishers Volume 23, Number 2, Spring 2022 pp. 389-399 10.1353/kri.2022.0031 Article View Citation Additional Information In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Managing … More Ukrainian avant-garde

An alternate version of one paragraph

Take Haiti, whose Revolution was that other Independence, not a bourgeois one like those of the United States or Spanish America, let alone the paradoxically colonial Brazilian Independence. In the Haitian Revolution enslaved persons took power and founded a nation for the first time in human history. Yet as scholars like Michel-Rolf Trouillot (2015) and … More An alternate version of one paragraph

The seer

Academia will not love you back, one is told, but it does give some people a lot of love. Their writing is liked and rewarded, people admire them, they get raises and sabbaticals, their lectures draw large audiences, they have interesting fellowships and good dissertation students. I would like to experience love like that although … More The seer