Milan Kundera

I woke up in cool sunlight thinking what it would be to be in California or New Orleans with a research day rather than Maringouin with a low-level teaching day ahead. Yes, it is different, very different, and it is false that all academic jobs are the same or that all are inspiring. Before coming … More Milan Kundera

Vino el día

I woke up in sunlight thinking of what it is to walk across a large university campus with energy. I thought of what it would be like to go to the library first thing — to a library with holdings. I listened to the radio in the car and they were interviewing a doctor who … More Vino el día


¡Cima de la delicia! Todo en el aire es pájaro. Se cierne lo inmediato Resuelto en lejanía. ¡Hueste de esbeltas fuerzas! ¡Qué alacridad de mozo En el espacio airoso, Henchido de presencia! El mundo tiene cándida Profundidad de espejo. Las más claras distancias Sueñan lo verdadero. ¡Dulzura de los años Irreparables! ¡Bodas Tardías con la … More Primaveral

Wendy Brown

Still, if we are slipping from liberalism to fascism, and if radical democracy or socialism is nowhere on the political horizon, don’t we have to defend liberal democratic institutions and values? Isn’t this the lesson of Weimar? I have labored to suggest that this is not the right diagnosis of our predicament: it does not … More Wendy Brown

How to work and live

Everyone advises and pontificates, and what they say is wrong from the point of view of anyone with any discipline, any hedonism, any love for life and any sophistication. So I will give the anti advice. Advice: don’t read, write. Truth: reading is research. Do not try to produce without doing research. Advice: only work … More How to work and live