A good essay

. . . a broadly anti-intellectual professionalizing atmosphere that is inimical to the long, slow life of sustained thinking and unwilling to support it, with, I think, terrible consequences for the humanities—tellingly, the most productive scholars in my department have won multiple external fellowships that keep them away from campus; an administration that is indifferent … More A good essay

Afsnit to (Benjamin)

II “Among the most noteworthy characteristics of human beings,” says Lotze, “belongs… next to so much self-seeking in individuals, the general absence of envy of each present in relation to the future.” This reflection shows us that the picture of happiness which we harbor is steeped through and through in the time which the course … More Afsnit to (Benjamin)


If you do not “cut corners on teaching” as one is supposed to do, you can learn from it and it will aid you in research. I am going to understand this essay by Walter Benjamin for class. The political consequence of the temporal naturalism underlying the idea of ‘progress’ is conformism. For Benjamin, paradoxically, … More SEP-Benjamin

Emma Bovary

Elle avait envie de faire des voyages ou de retourner vivre à son couvent. Elle souhaitait à la fois mourir et habiter Paris. –Gustave Flaubert: Madame Bovary (1857), Partie 1, Chapitre 9 #OccupyHE. Axé.

Ama tu ritmo

Ama tu ritmo y ritma tus acciones bajo su ley, así como tus versos; eres un universo de universos y tu alma una fuente de canciones. La celeste unidad que presupones hará brotar en ti mundos diversos, y al resonar tus números dispersos pitagoriza en tus constelaciones. Escucha la retórica divina del pájaro, del aire … More Ama tu ritmo

El amor es cobrizo

Sin entrar en detalles: el amor es cobrizo, pues cobrizo es su centro, ese que se adivina, y mucho más su fondo… El fondo entarascado… el fondo que palpita… Ahí donde las fuerzas del placer y el cariño habrán de florecer sea como sea o como usted prefiera En cambio, o por descuento, la amistad … More El amor es cobrizo