Kalfou Danjere

This is Boukman Eksperyans on their classic Jou Nou Revolte. We are playing it in honor of tonight’s blue moon. Work your magic and look up these names: Mackandal, Boukman, Bois Caiman, and kalfou or crossroads. Axé.

Martial Law

Dambala calls our attention to the National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive, which appears to have been made law May 9 essentially by decree. Dambala says it “supercedes the National Emergency Act and re-constitutes the mandates of martial law.” In the event of a ‘national emergency’ . . . defined by the executive branch … More Martial Law

Giulietta Simionato

It is time once again to post versions of Voi che sapete. Here are two: a serious and beautiful one by Giulietta Simionato, performed in Tokyo in 1956, and an animated French spoof which is hilarious. This post, however, is actually a continuation of my notes on writing from earlier today. Getting into a piece … More Giulietta Simionato

On Writing: Notes

Why does writing appear to be so closely imbricated with managing the self? This post does not answer that question. I Now I have made a small amount of progress on this paper. I have discovered a way to redefine it, at least for myself, so that it is less intimidating: I will think of … More On Writing: Notes

Graduation Story

Although I am not among those who say they “love” teaching, one thing I genuinely like about my particular academic job are the students. I have so many interesting and marvelous stories and vignettes about them that I have a near total ban on describing them here, on the theory that if I began to … More Graduation Story

Louisiana Politics

I would be curious to know what the suspension of Southern University President Ralph Slaughter is really all about. Did Slaughter lie in wait for an opportunity to jump on Anderson, and use the allegations of sexual harassment to do it? Or, conversely, did the Board and the Governor (who appointed Anderson) improperly protect Anderson, … More Louisiana Politics

The Perceptionists

I am delighted to be able to present the Perceptionists’ “Memorial Day” from the album Black Dialogue, which I know about thanks to a very intelligent disc jockey at KLSU. It was fun coming into Baton Rouge, where Republicans love to tread, and hearing “Where are the weapons of mass destruction / We been looking … More The Perceptionists