Kropotkin and more.

I really should have spent all the time I wasted reading Marxist and other Left theory, simply for the sake of mental health — although it would have been good intellectual exercise as well, and a good political education. Here’s an article on Kropotkin, mutual aid and anarchism that is worth reading. Here is a … More Kropotkin and more.

Adrianna Kezar

On the commercialization of higher education. Kezar says the three books she reviews offer oversimplified solutions to the commercialization problem. She says commercialization must be studied from a systems and cultural perspective. 1. What is the public good, and how is commercialization threatening it? None of the authors say a great deal about the notion … More Adrianna Kezar

On Brazil

Here is another photocopy I have had for years and should really clear out, but that seems important. It’s Matthias Rohrig Assuncão “Elite Politics and Popular Rebellion in the Construction of Post-colonial Order. The Case of Maranhão, Brazil (1820-1841),” Journal of Latin American Studies 31 (1999): 3-38. (It’s beautifully written and really well informed, and … More On Brazil

M. D. Y.

I stole this from someone’s page that seems to be public, but I am not sure, which is why I do not identify the author except by initials. It is too good not to share. Did the New Deal, so nostalgically cited by our democratic socialist intelligentsia today, break the power of these capitalists, who … More M. D. Y.

Qué estará haciendo esta hora mi dulce y andina Rita

Here’s an old article I like, from files I am clearing out. [Mazzotti, José Antonio (2000). “Retos y soluciones en la edición de la poesía de Vallejo: El caso de la diagramación en Los heraldos negros.” 10.31819/9783964564825-013.] In book Edición e interpretación de textos andinos, 231-240. Hinostroza 1967: “Vallejo is not a poet, but a … More Qué estará haciendo esta hora mi dulce y andina Rita


I’ve unstuck the to-do list so I can see the other posts. I’m going to get a whiteboard and a lamp for the office, and start working in there part of the time–partly because I don’t want to print at home, or to have the large pieces of butcher paper I want to write notes … More Things

August 3-11

It is in August, then, that I will create the reserve list for that class and construct Moodle sites for all my classes. In July I will still read for them. Today I was supposed to start writing — write for an hour, not read — that article. There are all these tantalizing ways to … More August 3-11

Research universities and the public good

I would buy this book if it were less expensive, and if it were in a library I would check it out. Countering recent arguments that we should “unbundle” or “disrupt” higher education, Jason Owen-Smith argues that research universities are valuable gems that deserve support. While they are complex and costly, their enduring value is … More Research universities and the public good