Our little book is out. I said this in another post but in the current WordPress skin, the news is below the fold. I wouldn’t have chosen to translate this poet/this book, but I did, and the work changed me. I’m a poet now: all my other translation projects have been academic, but this one … More Amerindios

Things to do in Florida

Tarpon Springs (near Clearwater) Passe-a-Grille (beach near Tampa) Biloxi’s Balmoral Inn is recommended although I feel one might as well sleep in Florida or New Orleans I want to stay at the Buena Vista Motel in Mexico Beach and the Gibson Inn in Apalachicola. Axé.


It is not what they do to you, it is what they can get you to do to yourself, is an important point for those of us who are dealing with misogyny or any kind of discrimination, really. Another thing to remember is that although we are constantly told that most people can never admit … More Resist

Un aliado

To write you do not in fact have to “be passionate” or some such thing and in fact I prefer not to be — I greatly prefer calm. I think that the idea that “if you were interested enough, you would overcome anything” is a version of the artist-in-a-garret ideal. You have to feel well … More Un aliado

Insufficient mestizaje

Joshua Goode says Spain attributed its 1898 defeat to the racial inferiority of its soldiers — they were not mixed enough. Mixing the blood of Spaniards would also help dissolve regional divisions in the country. They reasoned that when you choose the most robust youths for soldiers, you then remove their genes from the general … More Insufficient mestizaje

C’est tout fini

I cannot tolerate further work on this abstract so, despite my dissatisfaction with it I am sending it in. This is the literary version; the Spanish version will be more sociological. Its title is El lado oscuro del mestizaje: raza y estado en tres textos decimonónicos, and I like that better. This was hard to … More C’est tout fini