Biographical criticism is the dominant mode for Vallejo as well; it is as though people thought that if they could find out who he was they might then understand his poetry. This is true in one way: if you cannot understand that this writing does not come entirely out of a Western experience, and if … More Subject

La colonia infinita

Monday I woke up in a remote Andean town and rode down 12,000 feet through the mountains to the Pacific coast, to lunch with many Peruvian regional dishes at the home of the rector of the university. Then I flew to Lima. The Avianca stewardesses wear red capes. Tuesday I took the new Metro(bus) to … More La colonia infinita


I am here again, with this event. Trujillo seems beachy and bright as always, with flags snapping in the breeze, as on a ship. On the Jirón San Martín there are letter-writers for hire on the sidewalk, with manual typewriters and carbon paper. I want to take their picture. Peru is one of the countries … More Trujillo

The Internet

If, when I was having all these problems with Vallejo in the 1990s and even the early 2000s, I had gotten in touch with the Peruvians, they would have taken care of it all. I should also have gotten in touch in the late 1980s, when I had different problems. But especially when I had … More The Internet

Quand je reviendrai

When I return from Peru I will set up course books on the web for spring, contact the high schools, and start building my course websites. I will call the handyman. I will be in a position to write every day, and do things like yoga. ∅ On authority and authoritarianism My colleagues refuse to … More Quand je reviendrai