Things I will do

I must also, before I fly, in addition to FU prize promotion: * do a manuscript review for RI* order books on my grant* talk to: Emily, Tom, and Amálio on the three other projects. I will do these things while also working on the magic realism and doing more university e-mail, and I will … More Things I will do

Spanish American Literature in Translation? Or Latin American? Including Brazil, or not?

El reino de este mundo will be the first and oldest text. Everything else will be short, but interesting, from a different country. That is the foundation, and everything else is later; I should do something actually Afro-Latin to go with REM. Other texts I am thinking about having, for narrative, are Pedro Páramo, Crónica … More Spanish American Literature in Translation? Or Latin American? Including Brazil, or not?

Revista hispánica moderna

The current issue is on Hispanism. On another topic, I am looking for a 1951/52 article in it by Monguió, on the “crematística” of the 19th century novel. On poetry, there’s Malva Flores, “el ocaso de los poetas intelectuales,” on strategies of legitimation of poetry. Axé.

Pérez Firmat

This is an exact description of what happened to me with my ill-fated Vallejo book. Its ill fate killed me and it took me a long time — seven years, I believe — to understand. If I had understood it then I could have worked on or with the situation. But I did not understand … More Pérez Firmat

Really rebellious

Technically, my best student is the one who has made Full at an R1. Really, the best one came from much worse circumstances and with the B.A., now has another promotion in their job. That is the one my lazy, slacking self gave lazy, slacking extra points to so they could graduate and get out. … More Really rebellious

Rudy Acuña

[Interviewer] You wrote: “In order to offset the lack of public funding, administrators have raised tuition with students becoming the primary consumers and debt-holders. Institutions have entered into research partnerships with industry shifting the pursuit of truth to the pursuit of profits.” To accelerate this “molting,” they have “hired a larger and larger number of short-term, part-time … More Rudy Acuña

Magical Hispanism

This connects to my magical realism posts. Someone has had an insight and given it a name: magical Hispanism. Here’s a bit more on it. And more. Magical hispanism, magical realism, and decolonial practices. Are they all part of the same thing? People looking for magic, looking for enchantment? Finding it, or imagining one has … More Magical Hispanism