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Para una clase de cultura más avanzada

If I think it should be a junior level course, it should be senior / early graduate. This one would be on monuments. Each monument studied would lead to the study of many related things, and one would study their processes of fetichization (I have not worked this out very well yet). Some of the monuments are musical, and some are literary.

1/ Macchu Picchu, study of, fetichization of, nature of, implications of, history of; here we will also study Cusco.

2/ Martí, “Nuestra América.”

3/ Toledo.

4/ Tlatelolco.

5/ Plaza de Mayo.

6/ Cuban son.

8/ 100 años de soledad.

What else, or is this enough?


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A course on poetry sung

The Ring of Words, the introduction and the section on Spain.

Jarchas, are there good recordings?
Cid, Libro de Buen Amor, Romancero, what recordings are there?
Songs in Lope; recordings of Góngora and Quevedo
Are there recordings of 18th/19th century uses of song in poetry?
Rosalía de Castro, décimas de todas las edades
García Lorca, La argentinita
Songs with Miguel Hernández
Civil War?
Germaine Montero
Paco Ibáñez
Víctor Jara, Lluís Llach, Joaquín Sabina, Silvio Rodríguez, more
Rock, rap

Necesito ayuda.



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We’ve now sent two people to the Institute who, rather than gain knowledge, inspiration and skills, came back disillusioned about governance; credentialed a delegate to the national meeting (and given financial support to him for travel) who has been dismissed from his university and will thus not continue as a strong member of the organization; and had a person elected to national leadership who then resigned.

These things happened because our manner of outreach has meant those were the volunteers we had. We need another mode of outreach, and a different crowd.


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The next meeting, and abstract


What is his agenda?
What did we say about ourselves in our self-study (can we see our self-study)?

Password for that organization


Abstract — things one cannot say

Is everything the fault of modernity, and if so, is it specifically the fault of Descartes? What are the exact problems, regarding this issue, with Hegel?
I think the issue is expansionism, and that predates the Enlightenment.
And I am NOT convinced it is all the fault of reason, or of science
Are there notes on this in my archives, from my old professor T.C.? This would help.

Budget for Austin (outrageous)

$100 dues
$140 registration
…and the beat will go on.


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Walters Museum, and student evaluations

Last summer I visited this museum and received its lovely magazine. Sticking with me in particular are the ceramics of Roberto Lugo and John Singer Sargent’s watercolor The Alhambra Vase. In the store, a bronze reproduction of a Chinese owl figurine, eight inches high.


How to get high evaluations? Old and new suggestions include never changing the syllabus, not allowing student input or collaboration on course structure, just telling them how things are going to be and sticking to it, not allowing screens in class, saying the evaluations are for tenure and promotion, pointing out evidence of race/gender bias in the evaluation process, and having students write a metacognitive essay before evaluating the course.


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Latvia and César Moro

These topics are not unrelated since Latvia and the Baltics had such a strong modernist movement. I want to go on Latvian and Russian immersion in Riga, and then start studying Baltic modernism. I am not joking. I could study law as well, and write interesting columns for the international press.

There are films and series about life in Soviet Estonia I would like to see. I need to see other realistic films about life in the USSR and the Baltics.

I learned about Robin Myers, an interesting poet and translator from the United States who lives in Mexico City. I learned about her via books I was looking at related to César Moro, and look at the theme of everything, for us all — moving to foreign capitals to do our work.


I have decided to allow myself to seriously consider running away to Latvia, even though it may not be possible financially in the end. This is the Latvia Weekly. I did not expect to fall in love with Latvia, but I did.

I have also decided not to try to work at home. This, I discern, has been my error for a long time. “Unhygienic,” said a friend, and I agree. I’m going to get rid of books more agressively, too. My life will improve.


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Things involving Ferreira da Silva

I am not a Christian but I am about to use a Christian talisman for work, namely Paul’s words to Timothy: G-d does not give the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and sound mind. (Those words were written long ago but notice how little people have changed.) I am terrified of this project and need to live another way.

About the project: it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between platitudes and profundities. I keep finding F. da S. half very insightful and half flat, or too pat. Here human/universal (post Enlightenment) time, where everything culminates in modern Man, is contrasted to non-linear transformation (instead of progression). Perhaps I should just say yes. BUT I AM NOT CONVINCED BY REFERENCES TO CARTESIAN MIND-BODY DUALISM AS EXPLANATIONS OF WHAT IS BAD IN THE WORLD.

MEANWHILE, What is difference? Do we all have to be the same by color or culture to deserve the same rights, or is humanity enough similarity (note that we have to “other” people so as to posit them as lesser humans). F. da S. keeps saying modern science, with its categorizations, hierarchies, and linear thought is what divides and “others.” We need to stop this.

There was an article on her that I would have needed to get from Interlibrary Loan and did not, and I have misplaced the reference. I am hoping to find it, and I am hoping to find my notes from yesterday, toward my other essay.


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