Fire Monkey

My Chinese horoscope describes me in an unattractive manner but also gives me a good year. You should perhaps check yours out. Also, I am Winter in the Forest and I want to find a reference to this. And I’ve been depressed. It’s the lack of self-love–the feeling of precariousness–knowing you have been rejected for … More Fire Monkey


It’s so easy to make a wry remark that can be misunderstood. But look, be aware of this if you have PhD students in languages. Yes, the job market is so tough that some weird comment by some committee member can get the committee to turn toward one of the many other excellent candidates. And … More PSA

Horoscope 2023

Reading whole house, not Placidus. Sun / Mercury 8H in Capricorn: likes depth and extremes and doesn’t do surface level very well. Not afraid to explore the taboo. Very practical way of speaking and likely good with business and money. Ascendant in Gemini: comes across as talkative and intelligent, especially that your ascendant is at … More Horoscope 2023

Jacques Rancière

1) “Es el explicador quien necesita del incapaz y no a la inversa”. 2) El principio de la explicación “es el principio del embrutecimiento.” 3) El saber no se “transmite”… es como la libertad… nadie se la da a uno; uno se la tiene que apropiar y al tomársela hacerla nueva; producir la libertad en … More Jacques Rancière

Latin Americanism

I have finally ordered Alberto’s book, and we will find out what I think of his story. In the meantime, I never read his whole schtick on Latin Americanism. Perhaps now I shall. It’s The Cultural Practice of Latin Americanism and it’s in three volumes, and it started in Dispositio. There’s an article I’m recycling … More Latin Americanism

Race in Spain–and that language article

It is important to read this article about race. Also, I think I’m going to go to that SCLA conference again and present my paper “Language and the entrepreneurial university,” and see what they think of it. For that, there is this important article from 1989. Language is historically and linguistically conditions; experiences become experiences … More Race in Spain–and that language article


I will change my ACLA title to Denise Ferreira da Silva, Globality, and Social Death. And I should withdraw and resubmit my IILI abstra For Spanish 442 I need those Cambridge Core volumes, Latin America in Transition, and MGM’s article on Martí. Also, Rama 1982. It’s a very good discussion of the rejection of Spain … More Things

October 14-31

14. Got to 7620. This is from 7474, so that is146 new words. I could go on but I have other things I must do. But I’ve gotten so far into this paper that it doesn’t take work to get back into it if I stop, and I can stop if I’m working because I’m … More October 14-31