One way or another

…I’m going to find you, find you, find you. Posts for today are from Remaking the University and they are about money. One and two. There’s this too, although I find the Green New Deal framework distracting, and this, and this. Axé.

Things I’ll do

Nathaniel – MLA – ILLI – New Year’s cards Vallejo poem for Pedro Revise that paragraph, putting Felber earlier Everything involving university e-mail and back gmail ODL 200 and the other annual trainings Post office: get a huge envelope, and mail those materials to that guy I won’t necessarily work on classes, but I will … More Things I’ll do

Neoliberal or postmodern things, and the past of the present

It was in 1964 that the Supreme Court of the United States ruled to allow prisoners to sue on prison conditions. The nation-state cannot tolerate multi-ethnic populations, and this is why there is so much effort toward homogenization. Empires, on the other hand, are easily multi-ethnic. We are currently supposed to say that online courses … More Neoliberal or postmodern things, and the past of the present


I went to get that book from the library and it was there, along with two books of interest I had heard of and one I had not, so I checked out all four. It was amazing. This paper is not in my field, but in a field the university supports, and I feel like … More Support


I stole this from a friend on Facebook and I think you should steal it too. I will get Saidiya Hartman’s Scenes of Subjection which says in part: “These performances pleased not only because of the abilities of those who performed but also because they served to display the owner’s power and property since the … More Roubado

Pacing, planning

This week I wrote 15 percent of my essay and also outlined/storyboarded it. Not very well, mind you, but I do have a structure. It will end with transmodernity and materiality. If I keep writing at this pace I need six more weeks to finish. Then I take a week off, and then I have … More Pacing, planning