Jorge Klor, “evoke-and-elide,” and the colonial difference

I had a footnote using Jorge Klor de Alva . . . something smart from, I think, 1995 . . . and I am going to have to resurrect this in a next paper. What is the “colonial difference” (Mignolo)? In theory I know, but there is more to know about it. Is evoke-and-elide the … More Jorge Klor, “evoke-and-elide,” and the colonial difference

Not footnoted.

This paragraph: Whether “border” identities are necessarily radical ones is another pertinent question here. Though Anzaldúa’s book is based on the notion of radicalizing experience, it does not address the failure of experience to provide radical consciousness. For example, when Anzaldúa asserts a type of natural bond between the gay and the mestiza, she denies the existence … More Not footnoted.

More juicy footnotes — being excised, this is too complicated and has to be for another paper

These questions–raised by Medina, on whether you really can just take from a culture what you want and leave the rest, and by me [following others], on the distance between giving voice to the subaltern subject [that may be you, although the subaltern cannot speak] and creating a new, liberated subject–lead back to issues of … More More juicy footnotes — being excised, this is too complicated and has to be for another paper

Excised from footnotes

Every footnote could become part of a new paper, and perhaps should. I cut from one footnote: Scholars like Peter Wade note that mestizaje as ideology has worked as a uniting force in some communities, but Bolivia is now a plurinational state and Ecuador’s most recent constitution gives indigenous peoples their own cultural rights. There … More Excised from footnotes

Silvia Tandeciarz

I am not sure how easy it will be to get another copy of T’s important article on Spivak but I am recycling it because I simply must get a clearer desk, and clearer shelves. She says that it is not so much that Spivak puts French feminism in an international frame but that she … More Silvia Tandeciarz

In Revision

I am going to have to make sure that paper doesn’t sound like I’m excoriating the Anzaldúa text for being “not Mexican enough.” (Should I worry about that?) Probably not. I haven’t gotten hold of the Vila chapter I wanted but I found this article by him and it is very, very good, that is … More In Revision