Caetano Veloso

Here is Caetano with Toni Costa on Trem das Cores. This celestial song invokes, among other things, “the blue silk of the paper in which the apple is wrapped” and “that blue which is a pure memory of a place.” Axé.

Jirón Camaná

The Archbishop of Lima and his conservative wing of the Church are attempting to intervene in academic affairs at the Catholic University of Peru, which maintains the Riva-Agüero archives. Casa Riva-Agüero | Jirón Camaná 459 | Lima – PERU Photo Daniel Duguay Peru21 has an editorial about this. There are elements of the backstory, which … More Jirón Camaná

Free Gary Tyler

I. The Nation, a publication the assiduous reader knows I follow with some regularity, has sent me this mail: Gary Tyler, black, now aged 48, is serving a life prison sentence in Louisiana State Penitentiary. He was convicted in 1975 for the murder of 13-year-old Timothy Weber, a white schoolboy who was shot during an … More Free Gary Tyler

Sofia Barbosa

Here are Sofia Barbosa and Joana Melo, contemporary fado singers, on “Povo que lavas no rio.” I am a great admirer of Barbosa, and of her dress – I could use one just like that. The song is by the immortal Amália Rodrigues. It is addressed to the “Countryfolk who wash clothes in the river … More Sofia Barbosa

Local Color

This video presents a good deal of the scenery in which I participate during my commutes. It will have to stand in for me over the next few days, as I am abandoning my usual orbits to attend this conference. I will return by the end of the month if not before. Here to keep … More Local Color