Les chaussures

Meanwhile — what day should I order those shoes? To try to have them arrive June 5 … or June 17 … or even wait until then to order them in the first place? (What if they disappear in the meantime?) This resembles frivolity, but is not. Axé.

La table

I am looking for a desk or table 28″ high and these are not easy to find, despite this being one of the recommended heights for desks. I have found these amazing table legs, however. Then there is this, which I do not love, but it is only 27″ high and I could truly love … More La table


Someone suggested we write an essay, an ideological intervention, against the reconfiguration of the university as workforce preparation. It appears that already in the 1950s it was noted that Americans had been trained to work, but not to live. Entertainment is the opium of these masses, so that they are not energized to seek more … More Fragments

Nervous Colonialism

There is a new study on colonial nervousness. This is, of course, not a new topic. Our condition in Maringouin is also colonial, and this is likely the source of our nerves (Maringouin being one of the more nervous places I have lived). Axé.

Goddesses of Suicide

A. I just wrapped a 6th form course at Campion College on critical thinking, and one of the biggest challenges the kids are facing is being funnelled into careers they have no interest in because their parents insist that they need to undertake those professions to make money. The implicit message is that you should … More Goddesses of Suicide

“El secreto está en dejarse la vida en ello”

That is the writing advice given by a journalist in this schlocky film. It is very different from the advice about forcing yourself with alarm clocks while holding it all back in a combination of anti-perfectionism (anything is good enough) and decorum (say something that will be confirm the convictions of the editors) that the … More “El secreto está en dejarse la vida en ello”

On close reading

Close reading shapes how I teach in decisive ways. In order to help students find topics about which to write, I let them read texts closely. Not only do I teach the critical thinking skills discussed above, all of which rely on close reading, but students practise these skills regularly. Before most class meetings, students … More On close reading