On Types

Periodically I have a flash of insight on why the students say I am not like the other professors, why I only seem to feel kinship with a minority of them, and why standard academic advice seems not to speak to me (and even feels like a violation). These things are interrelated; here are some … More On Types

Winter Storm Leon

This is alleged to be a picture rejected by Fox News, showing Louisiana National Guardsmen spreading salt on the roads by hand, due to the state’s lack of general preparedness and also funding. A friend wrote: Nobody says this in the reports I have seen so far, but it is blatantly obvious to me that … More Winter Storm Leon


I have just realized I am by contract expected to work 1800 hours per year. That would be 200 hours per month, over 9 months, or 150, over 12. 150 hours per month is only 35 hours a week. 180 is 45. Taking six weeks of vacation one comes to 40, or more with more … More 1800

A resource

“Affective domain” is from Bloom’s Taxonomy, I am sure he got it from some pedagogy workshop or class or training somewhere. You can look it up and talk about what you do in the “cognitive domain” as well as the “affective domain” so that you can document that you’re speaking the language. Has he put … More A resource

The next paper

It is soon, and I do not have time to write it, but I must do it right, and it is designed as a way to start in on my LASA paper. I think I will use my ERIP paper and write a cover letter for it, essentially, that moves it ahead. What I am … More The next paper

The United States

Here is a State of the Union checklist I received from CREDO. Reject the Keystone XL pipeline. President Obama has said that action on climate change will be a centerpiece of his second term agenda. But he simply cannot make the necessary progress on climate changes as long as he allows tar sands production to expand. Sign … More The United States