Stolen from the UNAM

This is the map they post of how to get from the Centro Cultural Universitario to the Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas. They also provide detailed directions for three modes of transportation. See how organized and user friendly they are. Axé.

Names like Stellan

I liked this film for the reasons the reviewer does, and I liked looking at the credits, with all the Viking-style names. The subtitles were faint and hard to read, so I listened closely to the words; it was amazing how much Oslo Norwegian I could understand. Axé.

Tlacotalpan lodging

The best lodging in Tlacotalpan, Ver., is the Posada Doña Soco and it does not have a website. I am therefore giving directions here. Socorro Flores Sandoval Francisco Javier Mina, No. 7 Colonia Centro 95461 Tlacotalpan, Veracruz Tel.: (288) 884 23 19 Cel.: (288) 110 39 35 The location is between the Plaza Santa Marta … More Tlacotalpan lodging