Unas preguntas televisivas — on culture and human nature

My current television fascination is the European Borgia (not to be confused with The Borgias) — I want to be Césare Borgia, move to Barcelona, and ask Dame Eleanor Hull whether this program offers a realistic depiction of the culture of the time, and to what extent human nature and the conditions of life for … More Unas preguntas televisivas — on culture and human nature

Juan Sánchez Peláez

Our tenacious baroque vocation —the American tendency of looking at words as if they were carnal objects as recent and astonishing as the world they needed to name— and a certain epic spirit in the cultivation of the 20th century aesthetic Left favored that great impetus of the movement founded by Breton. A chapter that … More Juan Sánchez Peláez

Terceto autóctono

Here are some lines from the second poem in this trio. El ojo del crepúsculo desiste de ver quemado vivo el caserío. The entire series is worth studying seriously and this one in particular makes it worthwhile and helpful to have visited Santiago de Chuco. Twice. Afílase lo rudo. Habla escarcela . . . En … More Terceto autóctono

Final nadería

Note: “El escritor argentino y la tradición” is next, so no, you are not free. And it appears that being only seems to exist because time seems to pass. No hay tal yo de conjunto. Grimm, en una excelente declaración del budismo (Die Lehre des Buddha, München, 1917), narra el procedimiento eliminador mediante el cual … More Final nadería

César Moro in Paris

RENOMMÉE DE L’AMOUR L’amour dédicace à l’amour Les jours sans pluie Et comme il convient les beaux jours Pour l’amour et ses préférences Au renom du plus vieil amour À la pluie du mot amour Au seul amour sans regret sans bonheur sans retour À l’avenir des fous Aux fossoyeurs aux gais compagnons du bagne … More César Moro in Paris

Getting that MLA proposal down to less than 1000 words

Vallejo: Language Itself [I am not sure this title covers it, but a better one is not coming to me, and this has been improved since I posted it … but I am still interested in the question of the title] Borges said Quevedo was a poet of language: “La grandeza de Quevedo es verbal” (“Quevedo,” … More Getting that MLA proposal down to less than 1000 words