I ordered Through a Lens Darkly, the DVD, and I should see again: Ethnic Notions and Color Adjustment. These are all about race and representation. Rey talked about the militarization of plantation slavery in Cuba and penal servitude in Puerto Rico; plantation slavery resembled penal servitude. We’ll continue. Axé.

And a third

This project brings up so much pain and I do not manage it well, do not handle it well, don’t treat myself well, perhaps. I can stop if I don’t think about deadlines, only about doing something now, and don’t require myself to think destructively. This is how I used to be — before I … More And a third

And another

I am getting somewhat better at treating myself decently, after 25 years of Reeducation-induced self-destruction. Part of it has to do with not saying I do not get enough done. In Reeducation: learning to deaden the self, so as not to function at such a high level (because Reeducation didn’t like it). Now: trying to … More And another

One thing

…I have been procrastinating research and service in favor of teaching and activism but feel worse about service I procrastinated on than about the research. Here is one thing… I am working with the idea that the modern world was invented in and through America. Race is a key component of modern subjectivity, and the … More One thing

Rosa Luxemburg suffered more, and accomplished more in less time

And she was executed, after torture, one hundred years ago tomorrow. She hated Prussian men. In this rentrée, how many of your departments were threatened with loss of program? It happens to us every third year or so and it is very unsettling. I am sure it is a tactic designed to throw us off … More Rosa Luxemburg suffered more, and accomplished more in less time

1er. monde

I am glad to be able to travel so much but I wish it took less thought. Since getting back from California it has taken a whole day to fully figure out how to do a weekend of professional travel to Washington, and another to Atlanta. It takes thought because it has to be done … More 1er. monde


Clearly, I worked too hard too late yesterday.  I knew I was exhausting myself, and I am exhausted. This morning I have lolled about, reading news and e-mail. Today I will make three phone calls and work out, and work for fifteen minutes. This should put me in shape again. Axé.