On southern pride

A local musician, one of my colleagues, and some other people have been going on about how — if I understand them — it is unfortunate that Dylann Roof associated himself with the Confederate battle flag, because that flag has nothing to do with racial violence. It does have everything to do with their families’ … More On southern pride

On the “entrepreneurial” model and education as a commodity

What do I mean by “against students”? By using this expression I am trying to describe a series of speech acts, which consistently position students, or at least specific kinds of students, as a threat to education, to free speech, to civilisation: we might even say, to life itself.  In speaking against students, these speech acts also speak for more … More On the “entrepreneurial” model and education as a commodity


I will cure myself with research today. It really does change your perspective and return your dignity. Axé.


It would be, do not allow the way the university treats you to affect your own professional identity. Do not let them undermine your stability or sense of self-worth. This, however, is easier said than done … how does it not mean “rise above it, dear?” I have always admired the skill of some people, … More Mantra

Des théories

Continuing, I miss Puerto Rico and Louisville and everywhere, but mostly Puerto Rico and the things I did not get to do there (which would have involved piercing that touristy surface). I guess we can say this summer is exciting and eventful so far but I need it to be restorative. I went to campus to … More Des théories

Some light reading on gender

Here. My feminist education is lacking. I am very often called unnaturally or unfairly rational, and also bossy. In fact I am neither, only competent. If my feminist education were better I would have realized before now that these were discriminatory terms based on gender stereotypes. Axé.

Book notes for June

There is this Cambria Press, whose general editor is Román de la Campa, and it requires no subsidy … and it has a book on Central American avant-garde narrative. Here is its complete list. The University of New Mexico is bringing out a book about Navajo hero twins, by Nolan Karras James, and other interesting … More Book notes for June