May 1

(It is still the night before, but): “joder Pete saludos y viva la revolución carajo.” Axé.


I was doing some work last night involving the musician in question (F. J.) and it was very interesting. I do not have time to describe the whole event and all of its aspects, which were many and deep. I do want to note one small perception so I do not forget: as a performer, … More Líneas

Last day of class

Ello es que el lugar donde me pongo el pantalón, es una casa donde me quito la camisa en alta voz y donde tengo un suelo, un alma, un mapa de mi España. Ahora mismo hablaba de mí conmigo, y ponía sobre un pequeño libro un pan tremendo y he, luego, hecho el traslado, he … More Last day of class

Fuck Bobby Jindal and everything about the state of Louisiana, including food, except zydeco, Mardi Gras Indians, blues, mestizaje and jazz (and fuck those free people of color, that is to say nostalgic slavocrats, too).

The time has come to get real. Axé.

Germaine Montero

Germaine Montero, immortelle; my first singer and the best. Eres como la rosa de Alexandria, morena salada Colorada de noche, blanca de día; Toda la noche estoy, Niña, pernsando en ti; Que yo de amores me muero, desde que te vi, morena salada; desde que te vi. Axé.

California forever.

Dear Administration, Everything you have heard about me, namely that I am a devil from the University of California, is true. That sturdy Golden Bear, whose football games I disdained back in the day, watches me from the sky even now. If you give me the faculty I want from this campus, I can recruit … More California forever.