On sound in poetry

I think most poets of a high calibre work in this way to some degree or other—typically hearing first lines of poems simply come into their head, sometimes even as heard voices, successively followed by a flow of words, lines, and passages that come as naturally as leaves to a tree, and are imbued with … More On sound in poetry


Today, unless I already have a reservation I prefer in San Luis, I must reserve this for December 20. December 19 I am in Santa Monica, and December 21 in Pescadero. I then need my place in San Rafael, perhaps, and places for the way back. In fact, I know where I want to stay: … More Dezembro

La lucha en situación y el militante triste

El neoliberalismo -digamos, la gestión empresarial de la vida- es una lógica global, pero que se dispersa en el infinito de las situaciones (por ejemplo, la escuela, la salud o la naturaleza son gestionadas como empresas). “El todo está en cada una de las partes”, diríamos filosóficamente. Uno no “encuentra” al neoliberalismo más que bajo … More La lucha en situación y el militante triste

Je ne le dirai pas

Preamble to comment on strategic plan: I notice a language drift in the university. The intranet no longer calls faculty faculty, but says employee. At the same time, I keep hearing mid level administrators refer to faculty as “teachers.” It is as though faculty as a category were being eliminated. That is one of the … More Je ne le dirai pas

Mais où?

I will aim for the Journal of Curriculum and Instruction and New Political Science. This NPS article already cites me. Axé.

Si yo pudiera…

If I could run these language courses in a way that would work for me and the students, I would: 1/ Walk in with review and warm-up questions (5 minutes) 2/ Go over homework (5 minutes) 3/ Have a short quiz (5 minutes) 4/ Introduce a new reading / vocabulary theme / grammatical structure (depending … More Si yo pudiera…