Poetry reading

I read at our book launch last night and I am a good reader. Part of it of course is that my translations take advantage of the music of the English language, so they are easy to read well. I was also the interpreter for this bilingual event. I am good at this as well, … More Poetry reading

Signature line

Pronouns: I have a gender neutral name for a reason, suckaz, and I resent this question. I am, however, a woman, and I have never doubted it. People who see or know me say she/her. When people don’t see or know me, and assume I may be he/him, I like it. Who doesn’t enjoy changing … More Signature line

That consular visit

Inviting a consul can go beyond a reception. It can be a community event with the Consul and her or his staff speaking to students and faculty, the local business community, immigrant organizations, and so on. A Consul can explain international trade, education abroad opportunities, food, and cultural exchanges … give a great deal of … More That consular visit

A course on poetry sung

The Ring of Words, the introduction and the section on Spain. Jarchas, are there good recordings? Cid, Libro de Buen Amor, Romancero, what recordings are there? Songs in Lope; recordings of Góngora and Quevedo Are there recordings of 18th/19th century uses of song in poetry? Rosalía de Castro, décimas de todas las edades García Lorca, … More A course on poetry sung


I truly resent Chrome and Firefox demanding your phone number or other information if you try to open e-mail at the public library; I have never given them my number nor do I feel they are justified in expecting me to even have a telephone. I do not believe their requirements exist for my own … More Google

On Weltlitteratur and transnational literature

Transnational is a present but obscured, and often pirated quality of “World Literature:” i.e., Goethe tells us in Dichtung und Wahrheit that as a child, he got a tutor to teach him “Judendeutsch” (Yiddish) and that he composed in it for his seven-language epistolary novel he wrote then (it is not extant now, unfortunately). If … More On Weltlitteratur and transnational literature

Peter Lang

Why do people publish in Peter Lang, nowadays? It used not to be for any good reason. But I keep seeing people do it — with books I think could be published in non-vanity venues. Is something happening? Axé.