Chickens Roosting

One project of the 1976-1983 Argentine juntas was to serve the neoliberal mindset and institute it not only as policy but as ‘common sense’. One project of the Subcomandante Marcos (Delegate Zero) is to counter neoliberal ideology and practices.The September 18, 2006 issue of The Nation, dedicated to analyses of the Katrina disaster, contains an … More Chickens Roosting

Chickens Will Roost

This afternoon on Free Speech Radio News two stories were interestingly juxtaposed. One was of the Pakistani detained at his home in Islamabad by United States security forces. The other was of the September 18 disappearance in Buenos Aires of the construction worker Jorge Julio López. López had just testified successfully in court against one … More Chickens Will Roost


The month of Ramadan brings good weather. The days are calm and clear, and the growing moon is spectacular in the sky. Radio Tahrir, in New York, is a very good place to read and listen during Ramadan, and throughout the year. They offer news and commentary, but also poems and songs. This year for … More Ramadan

Salón Chingón

Now is an excellent time to watch Greg Berger’s Atenco footage. If you are interested in the question of the Mexican border, it is a good time to read The Qusan on the actual North American Free Trade Agreement. In Los Angeles, immigrant hotel workers are blocking Century Boulevard in protest against unfair labor conditions. … More Salón Chingón

A Picture

I am experimenting with images to crown this page. It is more difficult than I would have thought, to find one that works well. The current header image is detail from the photograph of a Mardi Gras Indian. I took her picture several years ago, at the corner of Orleans Avenue and Broad Street, in … More A Picture

Bom Dia

Bem-vindos ao meu sítio novo, no qual estou trabalhando ainda. Tem sugestões para o seu desenho? Quero ouví-los. Não festejei o dia 7 de setembro, nem estou festejando o grito de Dolores hoje. Nem vou explicar nada: pouco a pouco, irei-me revelando, e pouco a pouco vai ficar entendendo quem quiser. Eu antes tinha outro … More Bom Dia