What is a scholar?

I see what the notes for that article are about: working in the neoliberal university. Now, at last, I can write the piece, and I should. Things to be fought in particular include various forms of so-called bean-counting and the excessive bureaucratic busywork, but more broadly we are fighting the neoliberal university. I think it … More What is a scholar?

I am not chirpy

…I am disturbed about my father’s final illness for several reasons. One, we do not know how long this crisis will last. Will we get to a stable period, or will it be a crisis from here on out? If so, will that be for the next five years? If so, will that cost all … More I am not chirpy


They have a first-year textbook called Contraseña, a conversation-through-film book called Más que hablar, and a culture book called Así es Latinoamérica. ALL of this is digital and the first-year book is the Rossomondo/Lord text I have been waiting for. Axé.

Neoliberal culture

There are at least four books with this title, and more that address some aspect of the idea that neoliberalism has a culture, and that we are in it. Jeremy Gilbert: “What kind of thing is ‘neoliberalism’? This collection of essays explores a range of possible answers to this question, arguing that neoliberalism is a … More Neoliberal culture

Things to do in Florida

Tarpon Springs (near Clearwater) Passe-a-Grille (beach near Tampa) Biloxi’s Balmoral Inn is recommended although I feel one might as well sleep in Florida or New Orleans I want to stay at the Buena Vista Motel in Mexico Beach and the Gibson Inn in Apalachicola. Axé.

I will

Grade Post to Moodle Get mail Buy paint Go to appointment #1 Go to work group, there to write letters of recommendation Go to gym. What I want to do is keep writing. I’ve spent a lot of time on research and writing lately and it is good for me, but I am terrified someone … More I will


Three books: Reframing Latin America Latin America: The Allure and Power of an Idea I Speak of the City (on CDMEX) I need to get rid of books, not acquire them, but I want these. I do wish we had a meaningful library. For tatteredness, not uselessness, I am recycling Tristes Tropiques, Appleby’s The Music … More Quiero