A Question on Paranoia

Are paranoia and a marked taste for intrigue especially great in Spanish speaking cultures? Are these French and Italian characteristics as well? Mediterranean generally? Why is the Portuguese faculty the most reality based? I realize I am suggesting very broad generalizations but I have reason to ask these questions. I will be grateful for all … More A Question on Paranoia


Here is a Category 5 hurricane nearing the Louisiana coast exactly five years ago today. A few hours after this picture was taken, Katrina came on in. The storm was on a Monday.  Saturday and Sunday were comparatively festive, the traffic moving slowly to and through Maringouin in contraflow. Monday classes had already been canceled. … More Anniversary

On Nutrition

What did you have for dinner? I had a piece of marinated and grilled steak, grilled asparagus, green salad, papaya, and white wine. I should have had red wine, but I did not have any, and now I want chocolate mousse, but I do not have any. I am eating a bad Camembert. Some of … More On Nutrition


Our building is only air conditioned part of the day, which means the air conditioning is only really effective in the afternoons, soon before it is turned off again. All the offices, and all the classrooms are the same size. Blackguard: I have a very large class, 32 students! I am so popular and heroic … More Vignette

Yvette Chauviré

* (Despite reports that the amount of oil the gulf is decreasing, the number of oiled birds found daily has increased since BP capped the well, according to the Times-Picayune). Axé.


This wasn’t filmed far from Maringouin. I post it in honor of the last day of summer, which was today. It is the late, great Clifton Chenier. Axé.


This is the beginning of a first draft of some principles to think of when listening to Reeducated people and Reeducands. 1. I chose my schools and my majors. My choice of schools was stellar and my choices of majors were well considered. If someone else paid for it or for part of it, that … More Anti-Reeducation