Very important!

I found some fragmentary notes from an old meeting that should have been followed up upon. 1. Our financial situation is not that bad (although we have contracted notable debt, and we appear to have mysterious overseas donors) 2. Data is reported strangely 3. We spend a great deal on sports, buildings and administration 4. … More Very important!

Marc B.

I would like to write on his Facebook feed, where he is ranting about “morally panicked literature professors” — That’s ridiculous, and actually the reactions to tv when it came in were more subtle and interesting (I notice you don’t mention it). I am tired of having students who can’t read but are only trained … More Marc B.


It must be in my horoscope, I do not like to rush. I am already rapid and efficient, so I do not need to rush, but I would not like it even if I were not rapid and efficient. There is really only ONE thing I dislike about academia and it is the ethos of … More Rushing


There are so many days I would feel just fine if I could stay home part of the time to read and write, or if I could teach in English, or teach in Spanish to people who spoke it, or teach Spanish as a second language to people who could accept that learning Spanish isn’t … More Anhelos


What I miss about the jobs I have had in R-1 institutions is feeling like an adult. You work calmly with adults. Elsewhere being constantly badgered, accused, pulled down, yelled at, interrupted, and having to work through the frantic irrationality of others really drains and disorients me because it activates the traumatized state of childhood, … More Nostalgia

Des nouvelles

I have decided I will not be so self-destructive and that I will put aside fear — and also guilt / shame. These last will not be replaced with paranoia or a “the hell with them” attitude, either, but with fearlessness and therefore empathy. Axé.