Algo bien básico

Someone said: I had to get past the internalized shame and doubt because I hadn’t been producing when I was sick. I am expected to have this issue but I do not really — it is more sadness at the fun I missed. I have internalized shame and doubt is about not being able to … More Algo bien básico


It is not time management, y’all, or management of priorities, or of tasks, these are the things many of us learned even before serious school started. It is energy management and again, I am not talking about time or priorities or effort. I will explain. Axé.

Now I see

…what has been going on. There is a certain kind of bad situation I can usually only tell I have because of how I feel from it, not what I see. You have to believe your senses. And I, if I am flashing back as I have kept doing intermittently for about three weeks, am … More Now I see