When this was new we named our cat after it and carved pumpkins. Now it is Hallowe’en again and we have jack-o’-lanterns again, and a jack-o’-lantern is a will-o’th’wisp and is there and then not, like the cats. Axé.

Untenable II

I really do try but these basic foreign language courses are depressing and the students are scary. The worst academic advice that can be given is the repetition that one will not “get” to teach such courses any more when one becomes a professor. That was one of the main scoldings I used to get, … More Untenable II

Untenable I

If I did not have such a heavy service load or such a broad teaching range at the upper division to graduate level, and if we had an actual language program in place such that I knew what our goals and preferred methods actually were, then I might, despite the fact that this is very … More Untenable I


I love this this very useful term. Nobody puts on a grave voice so as to explain the most rampant imbecilities as well as a Spaniard does, although Cubans and Brazilians are also able to do it. What combination of forces cause the denizens of certain countries to exalt their stereotypes as inscrutable uniqueness in … More Spainsplaining