Courtney Martin

On How Using Power Means Being Responsible. In one of my departments I have an administrative role. Nobody understands how I accomplish so much with such little trouble. It is because I inform myself well, assert power in a useful way, look ahead, and keep up with things. I do this because I am working … More Courtney Martin

Playful, Violent, Dreaming, Waking, Pure, Comical

Playful I am 52% Geek and 74% Addicted to Blogging. Now you, too, can play these pleasant games. Violent I reiterate that the dicta “you have no power,” “it is ‘dysfunctional’ to believe you have any power,” “you must renounce power” and all similar statements are arguably the meanest and most destructive which can be … More Playful, Violent, Dreaming, Waking, Pure, Comical

“Some Things Just Go Together”

…like George Bush and front running Louisiana gubernatorial candidate Bobby Jindal, says Democratic candidate Walter Boasso. See his hilarious video on this matter (it’s the one called “Together”). I am trying to find out who to vote for. New Orleans councilwoman Shelly Midura supports Boasso, a state senator from St. Bernard. The Louisiana Federation of … More “Some Things Just Go Together”

Cinco centavitos

We have not been singing nearly enough lately, and now it is the weekend. This is Julio Jaramillo, the Nightingale of America: “Quiero comprarle a la vida / cinco centavitos de felicidad” – “I would like to buy from life / just five cents’ worth of happiness.” Axé.

Sur le pouvoir

That you should not exert power or have control in your life was one of the main themes of Reeducation. I have explained to myself before, in numerous posts on Reeducation and the relevant comments threads, why this is a fallacy. I still have a bad habit of relinquishing power. Relinquishing power means neglecting the … More Sur le pouvoir

On Discerning Abuse

I For someone as sophisticated as myself, I can be quite slow on the uptake. I always wondered why, if a certain relative of mine really felt I were as evil as he said I was, he still extended social invitations to me. I always felt quite odd, like the poor cousin in a Victorian … More On Discerning Abuse

Cecilia Bartoli

It is the weekend, and we must sing! As you may know, I am a Voi che sapete aggregator. Cecilia Bartoli’s version is one of the best. She is also very good looking, with excellent earrings. Axé.