Punctum Books

…[W]hy is everyone so afraid to write what they want to write, to publish what they want to publish? Why, we ruminated together, whether we are seeking tenure-track jobs or have tenure already or simply want to get inside the covers of a book, are we besieged by so many anxieties and fears regarding what … More Punctum Books

“Rhet/comp” and the entrepreneurial university

Passing more of the cost of college on to students (who incur additional debt in the process) means that more of the revenue used to finance higher education is “unsecured.” In California, which is leading the trend towards privatization, more than half of the financing for public colleges now comes from tuition dollars, not state … More “Rhet/comp” and the entrepreneurial university

Des textes dont j’ai besoin

These are speeches that have been given or are about to be given, whose texts I need and must remember to request. Newfield, Christopher. “The Great Mistake: How Private-Sector Models Damage Public Universities, and How They Can Recover.” Presented at University of Washington, Seattle, yesterday. Washington University, Provost. “The University Is Not a Business.” Soon … More Des textes dont j’ai besoin

“A whole one”

I bought a book that I was tired of getting by inter-library loan. I ordered a good used copy online. It is an overpriced book and I had only ever seen it in paperback. I thought I would receive a paperback copy. When it arrived, it was in hardcover. I heard myself say: “Oh, look! … More “A whole one”

Ideology, subjectivity, and the name of the father

Today’s review item involves Althusser and Lacan. We must study the items named in the title of this post and come to a deeper understanding of them. I am writing about how political euphemism functions to undermine the integrity of the speaker, or rather, the subject(ivity) it interpellates. What I am saying is more naive … More Ideology, subjectivity, and the name of the father


I dreamed I had washed and dried, in the washer and dryer, a wool cloth coat with a faux fur collar, by mistake. This ought to have ruined it, I would have thought, but it came out fine. I dreamed I was at the MLA translating Fernando del Paso, and I had hired a team … More Dreams