Nick De Genova

I should post this on my other blog; perhaps I will cross post it. I am writing it so I can clear out the journal issue in which the article in question lies: Gangster Rap and Nihilism in Black America. Some Questions of Life and Death. I do not know Nicholas de Genova and I … More Nick De Genova


This old or perhaps permanent song came on the radio this afternoon, taking me by surprise. Here you can see the fascinating 1973 performance of the censored version of this song. This is how the (uncensored) song ends; note the play on words: Pai! Afasta de mim esse cálice Pai! Afasta de mim esse cálice … More Cálice

El look del verano

This look involves Kiehl’s tinted moisturizer SPF 15, Burt’s Bees lip gloss, Almay brow defining pencil, and some type of mascara, perhaps Almay intense i-color. That is all I am willing to keep track of in this heat. I am also resigning from the use of heels of any type until 21 September. The look … More El look del verano

Aaron Neville

This blog has gone somewhat old-timey in the past few days because I am convincing myself to go to this passion play they are putting on at Angola. I will go for the sakes of some of the players, although I would like to boycott this event given my objection to the fact that, in … More Aaron Neville

On Doing Things Right Four or Five Times (Sister Rosetta Tharpe)

The discovery of this swinging video is the result of thinking about James Baldwin. He has a novel, Just Above My Head, whose title naturally makes one want to look at Sister Rosetta Tharpe, that great, possibly rock guitarist. My favorite YouTube comment of all time is on her Strange Things Happening Every Day. “If … More On Doing Things Right Four or Five Times (Sister Rosetta Tharpe)