“The Day You Were Born, All the Flowers Bloomed”

EL DÍA EN QUE TU NACISTE / NACIERON TODAS LAS FLORES / Y EN LA PILA DEL BAUTISMO CANTARON LOS RUISEÑORES. “…and nightingales sang around the baptismal font.” Today, which as it dawns dresses the fields in new colors, we have the mañanitas, and De colores, and many videos. Our friend César Chávez, one of … More “The Day You Were Born, All the Flowers Bloomed”

Regin Dahl

Regin Dahl died in Copenhagen on this day in 2007. His life marked several. Tín er degningur handan líkdampsins flókar. Dit er morgengryet hinsides ligdunstens tåger. Yours is the daybreak beyond the corpse-reek’s mists. His father is on a stamp and I would be curious to know more about this man than is known. When … More Regin Dahl

Baba Ghanoush

This baba ganoush is really good and note — you do not need a blender to make baba ghanoush. I had always thought you did, forgetting that blenders are new and baba ghanoush, old. Axé.

21st Century

Are you used to writing of the twentieth century in the past tense yet? I mean, using was instead of has been? Are you used to the idea that we are now standing outside the twentieth century? Axé.

A Second Heretical Post, a Story, and a Question

Heresy In my experience the decorous things to say are that teaching is fun, writing is work, publishing is difficult, service is boring, and administration is oppressive. I was always warned to say I was not interested in teaching, because women who taught would never be taken seriously as researchers. In my actual experience it … More A Second Heretical Post, a Story, and a Question

Pollo Mariscala

Chicken in chicken liver sauce. 2 tbs. lard or corn oil 16 chicken livers (that is a lot, and you need them all — buy two pounds) 1 garlic clove, minced 1 small onion, minced 3 hard- cooked egg yolks 2 tbs. minced minced parsley 1/2 cup hot beef broth or more salt to taste … More Pollo Mariscala

All My Detractors

1. Here is one Norman Savage’s comment, written today, on a recent post here: Since Google cannot discern the wheat from the chaff, one of your pieces landed in my email alerts. I’m an old fuck, been around writing, reading and publishing for a very long time, but your piece, your writing, your bullshit, is … More All My Detractors