What Troops Should Say to Reporters

Now that the House of Representatives opposes the Iraq war, the military has provided guidelines on what troops should say to reporters. Commanders advise their soldiers that they should talk about the things that they know,” [Christine Wormuth, a defense analyst with the Center for Strategic and International Studies] said. A truck driver, for instance, … More What Troops Should Say to Reporters

Literary World Systems

From one review of a book I want to read: [This] work amounts to a radical remapping of global literary space–which means, first of all, the recognition that there is a global literary space. [Its] insights build on world systems theory, the idea, developed by Fernand Braudel and Immanuel Wallerstein, that the capitalist economy that … More Literary World Systems

Thorstein Veblen

Today I discovered in my files a printout of Thorstein Veblen‘s The Higher Learning In America: A Memorandum on the Conduct of Universities By Business Men (1904-1918). From the 1916 preface: In its earlier formulation, [my] argument necessarily drew largely on first-hand observation of the conduct of affairs at Chicago, under the administration of its … More Thorstein Veblen

Bright Light

And now, via Slaves of Academe, we have an interesting article on the differences between academics and intellectuals. It posits three: 1. An academic has and wants an audience disproportionately made up of teachers and students, while an intellectual has and wants teachers and students in his audience only in proportion to their place in … More Bright Light

Silver Dazzle

Paul Dresman’s The Silver Dazzle of the Sun is a brilliant book of very well distilled poetry, with Southern California as one of its major backdrops. Today we have what we call “California weather,” meaning 75 dry degrees in a cloudless sky with high, bright white light. On a winter day back home the sun … More Silver Dazzle

Kiri Davis

I had been searching for Kiri Davis’ video A Girl Like Me, and now I have found it. This classic text demonstrates, among other things, why the claim to “colorblindness” is a pure and absurd luxury. Axé.