Three Guineas

The honorary treasurer of the Rebuilding Fund had her eyes fixed on that. ‘What is the use of thinking how a college can be different,’ she seemed to say, ‘when it must be a place where students are taught to obtain appointments?’ ‘Dream your dreams,’ she seemed to add, turning, rather wearily, to the table … More Three Guineas


Vendrá la guerra, amor, y en el combate no habrá tregua ni freno para el canto sino poesía haciendo incontenible del cañon, de fusiles libertarios. Vendrá la guerra, amor, y en el combate nos fundiremos en las barricadas defendiendo las hordas criminales a punta de corazón, fuego y metralla cavando sudorosos el futuro en las … More NO PASARAN

Louisiana: Resist

To: All Faculty From: Z Re: Prioritization for “Reduction” Do not allow yourself to be manipulated. Do not allow yourself to be pitted against other faculty. Do not allow your department to be pitted against others. Respond with unity to any prioritization “surveys” which may have been sent to you as individuals. Axé.