As a bearer of the name Zero I must at least mention events in Oaxaca this week, although time constraints prevent me from discussing these in any detail. Fortunately, the Unapologetic Mexican posted on these matters both yesterday and today. So did Written Rebellion and the Woman of Color Blog. In these last two posts … More Oaxaca


My youngest brother was born after my aunt, who paid for the rest of us to go to college, died. And we do not have the savings she had, and he worked his way through college, here. First, he waited on tables. Then he moved up to installing DirecTV. At that time circumstances dictated that … More T-Frère

White Casket

The radio just played a mountain song, accompanied by a banjo, sung in a minor key. It was first heard during the Civil War, but white caskets are also coming home now.  Activities continue abroad, at black sites. Axé.

Huddy Ledbetter

I was born and raised in the country, Mama but I’m stayin’ in town. That is a fragment of Pig Meat. Now playing, however, is the Bourgeois Blues, composed around 1935, when Leadbelly also played the MLA Convention in New York. Two of the Leadbelly songs I have had running in the back of my … More Huddy Ledbetter

Lupe Fiasco

Now singing is Lupe Fiasco, who is Black, Muslim, from Chicago, and named Lupe. (Which is short for Guadalupe, which is Mexican.) My student said I would like his music, and I do. But I am also very impressed with his website. Click on the street signs, and see how they flicker. Axé.

Take This Hammer

It is time to thank the Unapologetic Mexican and his marvelously creative site for permission to use the images of Emiliano Zapata and of the UFW flag which now appear in my sidebar. If you click on these, you will go right down the rabbit hole, and end up somewhere very interesting. In honor of … More Take This Hammer

Nice White Lady

Yesterday in class I learned that there is a rap lyrics database, the Original Hip-Hop Lyrics Archive. This fascinates me because while the electronic sound of rap is not my favorite, I am interested in rap lyrics and narrative structure. Now I can read them, like poems and stories. Rap styles, as we know, are … More Nice White Lady

Three Burials

I saw The Three Burials of Melquíades Estrada earlier this week, and liked it. I did not think I had a great deal to say about it beyond what has already been said in the voluminous press it has generated. I could have said something about this voluminous press, yes. I could have said that … More Three Burials

Eight Amazing Images

Now I have been asked to post eight images which amaze me. Every image I have amazes me, so I have chosen these practically at random. Cathedral of Zacatecas, Mexico. . Calendar round from the Techialoyan Codex. Poster for the ultimate war movie. Swamp in Louisiana. Li River, Quilin, China. Bitter Melon. Lining up for … More Eight Amazing Images