I went to dinner at the house of some new people I met by chance, and it was very charming. Another world. The sun stays luminous and gold. Hallowe’en is my favorite holiday. I am going to spend it in the country. Almost everyone else there will be an oilfield worker, because this is Louisiana. … More Luminous

Brandon McClelland

See also this, on Julian Alexander – killed by police on the steps of his house in Anaheim, California. He was 20, his widow is 19, and his baby is due December 14. Is there a scholarship fund for this baby yet? Do you see why I keep saying racism and lynchings are not over … More Brandon McClelland

Memphis Minnie

That is Kissing in the Dark. There are no other pictures, so throughout the song you get to contemplate this picture. When I first saw it, I realized that this is one of the faces I expect to see looking back at me in the mirror when I look in it, and that is how … More Memphis Minnie

Trouble in Mind

Lucky Millinder and Sister Rosetta Tharpe, 1941, with early electric guitar (good) and the big band sound (bad). But this song is a classic and Sister Rosetta Tharpe is a goddess. Axé.

Fare Thee Well

This is the last day to vote early in Louisiana, so those of you who wish to vote early, should. And then there is only one week left of Bush-consciousness, one hopes, because next Tuesday evening we expect to bid it farewell. * Every October we sing Dink’s Song. Here it is with its first … More Fare Thee Well

Russian Spies, Singing

This is very funny. I recommend watching the video and letting the words unfurl before you, but for good measure, they are posted below. I am voting for Obama despite the FISA vote, the bailout, and every other characteristic he has to indicate that he is a centrist like both Clintons, Jimmy Carter, Lyndon Johnson, … More Russian Spies, Singing

Howard Zinn

Please see this interview (on video and in transcript) of Howard Zinn discussing the bailout. He confirms my point of view and he is an expert. Certain grownups keep telling me this is just a market downturn of which we should think nothing. Like that compound fracture in your leg, which is just a scratch, … More Howard Zinn