Le swimsuit

I still need to get the car adjusted, but I also need swimsuits. I think of my swimsuits as new, but they are falling apart. Again. It seems that this is all so recent, I bought new ones in 2009 and again in 2013. There are so many things one must keep track of nowadays. … More Le swimsuit

We have translations

Coming out: Oh fury the dawn emerges from your lips The scandalous life of César Moro Various lions lick the rugose surface of the equestrian turtle at twilight Under editorial consideration: About seven more. Axé.

“Socialist realism is condescending and Republican”

That is what I wrote on my ticket to the national art museum in Latvia, while looking at socialist realist painting. I learned about Nationalist Modernism that day, and the National Constructivism of Romans Suta. I saw how the St. Petersburg institution where painters were trained, had constrained them. The museum also had a wonderful … More “Socialist realism is condescending and Republican”


Today I am buying skin products. Fancy ones, if I can. Things for the eyes, and things with vitamins C and E. I will get T-Mobile cell service, too. I will balance my checkbook and pay all bills. This is the week to patch the paint on the house. I’ll have the car detailed, and … More Aujourd’hui

What I bought in Latvia

I should have bought: ceramics, salt scrub and other cosmetics with Latvian herbs, black balsam, mittens, belts, amber, and perhaps other high-quality, traditional and artisanal things. What I really bought is: – Books: an interesting guidebook in German, a Latvian grammar, an English translation of a Pushkin story – Postcards: many, from a bookstore, scenes … More What I bought in Latvia