Au café

At the café we discussed our lack of focus and the disturbing agitation of the atmosphere this semester. We decided we were not actually slackers, but that we had our energy blocked, and were “checked out” because of wanting to check out not from our work but from the disturbing atmosphere. We decided we should … More Au café


I should talk about kinds of music, nature, and possibly storybooks and poems, to participate in that series on “formation.” I should also talk about the grape boycott and related events of that time. Really what I have to say is that I should never have left California or rather, that I never had the … More Stand-in

Nómina de huesos

Se pedía a grandes voces: -Que muestre las dos manos a la vez. Y esto no fue posible. -Que, mientras llora, le tomen la medida de sus pasos. Y esto no fue posible. -Que piense un pensamiento idéntico, en el tiempo en que un cero permanece inútil. Y esto no fue posible. -Que haga una … More Nómina de huesos

More mantra

The key, as we know, is taking authority in your own life and believing in your competence and reasonableness. This is what Reeducation took from me almost definitively, and what I am still trying to retake. I really need it. In Reeducation, taking reasonable care of oneself and one’s life was anathema, because it was … More More mantra

Peace of mind

A lot of the work I do is discouraging because it is not what I want to do and because with the people I have available, it is poorly done. Antidote: research time and perceiving myself as autonomous. These are the two things we are not permitted enough of, or often enough, here. The reason … More Peace of mind

Les mathématiques

Et cette série m’ennuie; il me semble que je l’ai déjà écrit, dans ce même codex. My intellectual formation, comment elle s’est donnée, on le sait. And: did one need my life to become me? My friend Nicky has a formation very like mine but did not come to it by the same paths at … More Les mathématiques


C’est quoi qui m’a formée? Et si c’est tout? I have written these things down before,  but in Spanish and more interestingly, in the style of Altazor (or so I imagined). But très rapidement, I created my research program when I was two or three. At that time I was acquiring language and noticing that … More Formatif