Edward Said

It is the weekend, and we are definitely singing. Ridwan has a picture of Edward Said on his blog with the quotation “I have been unable to live an uncommitted or suspended life.” I think that was what Reeducation wanted — something very bland and Protestant somehow. I also tried to do this, but I … More Edward Said

Prolegomena to a Memo (Tentatively Entitled “Dear University Student, Memo #101”)

You cannot win an argument with, and you should not waste time trying to bring to reason or cure irrationality, I have often been told. It took me a long time to actually learn this although I finally did recently. In the intervening decades I listened politely to and tried to translate to reason the … More Prolegomena to a Memo (Tentatively Entitled “Dear University Student, Memo #101”)


February 18 was the fourth anniversary of this blog and I forgot about it, having been through Saints Fever and Mardi Gras already. My first post on February 18, 2006, was entitled “Greetings” and said: My name is Professor Zero, and I am, loosely speaking, a follower of Paulo Freire. Formerly a Subcommandante, I became … More Anniversaire

Advice to New Faculty, or, Fantasy Letters #101, #007, #99, and #0

If I had ever actually sent these I would have been a busybody. When the events took place — and it was not one, but several different occasions — I practically sat on my hands so as not to send them. #101 Dear Junior Faculty, Please do not try to intercede in this matter. Your … More Advice to New Faculty, or, Fantasy Letters #101, #007, #99, and #0


It keeps freezing and then getting warm. Over Mardi Gras there was snow. I keep coming to points where I declare myself free of Reeducation but then realize I am not really. Then I start over. I have now started over at a whole new level and it feels like physical exercise. It might be … More Spring

Martinho da Vila

I have always liked Martinho da Vila’s voice. That is not why I am posting this video, though — it is because of a strophe in this samba: “Na minha casa ninguém liga p’ra intriga Todo mundo xinga, todo mundo briga.” “At my house nobody goes in for intrigue, we all just swear and fight.” … More Martinho da Vila