Il fait frais!

It is now that day in September upon which the heat leaves, ending five months of Hell. I have been outdoors. Outdoors! It will be a dry eighty for an entire month, and might get to the low seventies or high sixties at night. I might get a slight tan. Axé.


It appears that the eternal foodstuffs of artistic achievement are “discipline, fortitude, ambition and self-belief.” These were not allowed in Re/Education, and that explains my problems with it. It has been an entire weekend of rather boring work, frustrating in part because all of it must be done rather superficially, uninterestingly. I was tired and … More Gabo

Le Temps

I work all the time now, basically, but I have so many different things to do that working all the time just keeps me ahead of some really basic things. I am quite fast, and I am only slow insofar as since academic work is a space of abuse for me it is sometimes hard … More Le Temps

Le Travail

I now do nothing but work, and I still need to step it up further. I understand at last those people who say they do not care where they live or how they dress because all they do is work. I am not convinced the lack of recreation will be good for work on a … More Le Travail

Le vendredi

It is Friday, and yes, I am wearing white. It being the weekend, I am deciding what to sing. All afternoon I have listened to WWOZ, 90.7 on your FM dial or to listen on the Net. It was very helpful. If I were doing this work for the sake of a check upon … More Le vendredi

My Fantasy…

…is not to have every single course be an experiment. It was not this way earlier on, it is only the past ten years, everything has to be an experiment, nothing is ever right, and everything is always being done the for the first time. Axé.