Backwater Blues

The eye of hurricane is going to Cajun country, it is now said, so we will look at pictures of the 1927 flood as experienced there from the Louisiana Digital Library. These pictures appear first in postage stamp size, but enlarge in a few seconds. Check out the Evangeline Oak in St. Martinville, which is … More Backwater Blues

Sarah Palin

I am not interested in the discussion of whether Sarah Palin is good for women or not – that is ridiculous, of course she isn’t. If people claim to vote for McCain so as to vote for a woman, I will only think they are trying to hide their closet Republicanism. I wondered, when McCain … More Sarah Palin

El Plebeyo

It is the weekend, so we will sing a famous vals criollo, in which a plebeian, trembling with emotion, discusses his love for an aristocrat: This is a karaoke video, so we are literally singing this time. FELIPE PINGLO wrote the song and this  recording is by LOS MOROCUCHOS. You cannot beat the Peruvians for … More El Plebeyo

Juana de Asbaje

Hier ist ein important post. It is about sexism and gender discrimination. That was going to be all I said today, but I have read about knowledge and also tried to cook, so this post has had to be renamed for Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz and philosophy “done” in the kitchen. * Here … More Juana de Asbaje

Hurricane Gustav

Friday is the three year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. We interrupt our regular programming to say that Tropical Storm Gustav will, if he holds his current course, make landfall in South Louisiana Monday night. By the time you read the following discussion from it will no longer be current, but I am pasting it in … More Hurricane Gustav