Lockdown America

I have this book in PDF, since I have not found my paper copy, and it is a good thing, too. A paragraph I have cut for now, but need to use, is: “Worthy of analysis is the ambiguous economic efficiency of prisons: they generate income, but they also have a high economic cost. At … More Lockdown America

Saidiya Hartman

It appears I will have to read her if I am ever to understand Denise Ferreira da Silva, or my prison paper. If reform makes things worse, and revolution is impossible, is there a solution other than marronage? Axé.


Words to look up are Menenghello and Minchiate Etruria, a Tarot I think I would really like. I will do this while I get in touch about the blinds and my car key. I am also going to investigate Scenes of Subjection. AND consider it for my other essay. There are more books to investigate, … More Tarot

“Siglo XXI = ruinas del XX”

This explains a very great deal. The ruins of early capitalism are swallowed up by the ruins of later capitalism. Echos, phrases, gestures… “Elegies to dead children and murdered indigenes” (look up this article)… Course: Desiertos sonoros, Las batallas en el desierto, Balún-Canán, Señales… [Herrera] and what more? Bolaño, Rulfo, modernismo anglófono (Woolf, Kerouac, more), … More “Siglo XXI = ruinas del XX”

Books for Christmas

THE YELLOW HOUSE (about New Orleans/N.O. East)THE LOST CHILDREN ARCHIVE (Desierto sonoro) I need more, but this is a good start. I am also going to look at what I may have on my Amazon wishlist, that is good for others. Axé.


I went to get that book from the library and it was there, along with two books of interest I had heard of and one I had not, so I checked out all four. It was amazing. This paper is not in my field, but in a field the university supports, and I feel like … More Support


I stole this from a friend on Facebook and I think you should steal it too. I will get Saidiya Hartman’s Scenes of Subjection which says in part: “These performances pleased not only because of the abilities of those who performed but also because they served to display the owner’s power and property since the … More Roubado

Golden Gulag

This book is at our library, HV9475 .C2 G73 2007. Having a book you seek turn out to actually be in the library is so reassuring, feels so supportive, so kind. Axé.