Sur le pouvoir

In Reeducation one was not supposed to have personal power. I have a lot of it and the only way to have less is to self destruct in some manner, so I tried. I did not understand then that a lot of people do not have personal power and want power over other people instead. … More Sur le pouvoir

Into My Hermitage

The post below is about ten days old and so much has happened since, and I am so over it all. Now the heat has almost arrived and I am going camping. Then I will enter my hermitage. The problem with my hermitage, of course, is that I am ultimately so sociable. But I am … More Into My Hermitage

Vinyl I Used to Own

This post contains the famous song Queixa in the earliest recording I know of, on Veloso’s album Cores, Nomes. Now I have all the lyrics, and the song’s story is simpler than I had thought. I have of course bolded the lines we liked the very best, back when we owned the record, the lines … More Vinyl I Used to Own


Now, post festival, I am back in Maringouin. Thanks for coming with me to Lafayette! Wasn’t the drive home over U.S. 190 beautiful? The day after FIL ends is the first day of summer. We are splashing in the bayou now, before things get too hot and still. * Since I do not necessarily publish … More Shift

Jeffrey Davidow

Read this on Davidow, from the Huffington Post. Look at his background, and observe his rhetoric. Yes, this is an ideologue, not an objectively informed person or an ethical speaker. Axé.

Locos por Juana

We rivaled and perhaps even improved upon this performance right here in South Louisiana, thanks to the band itself but also to a stellar stage hand and stage manager. Axé.

Eliades Ochoa

The festival has not yet expunged, but has rather confirmed the song I had in my head, a son oriental which says: Anda y ven preciosa y linda cubana Tráeme la sonrisa de los palmares Bring me that palm grove smile. This song is in 4/4 time and it is in my head every night, … More Eliades Ochoa

Ivor van Heerden

See Ravi Rau’s letter to the Baton Rouge Advocate. See also WRKF’s interviews with van Heerden. Part 1 (April 20): “As MRGO trial starts, LSU professor finds himself jobless.” Part 2 (April 21): “Ousted LSU professor speaks out: an interview with Ivor van Heerden.” Part 3 (April 22): “Academic Freedom and Law: an expert opinion … More Ivor van Heerden

Au Bal de Lafayette

Now located deep in Lafayette, Louisiana, I may not post for several days. I always have to come to this festival on the first day, Wednesday, to get my backstage passes and my badge saying JE PARLE. I have backstage passes because I work this festival. That is one of the reasons why it is … More Au Bal de Lafayette