Les activités

→ Scrub deck, work out, grade three classes → Sand deck → Seal deck → Buy new deadbolt and install → Prepare classes → Chase down roofer → Details on last of study abroad proposals (Tuesday) → Drop off car (Monday 8 April) → Spanish version of abstract → Finish writing letters, including to Mihai … More Les activités

Nicolás Guillén

A planned, but not executed paper I have is on Nicolás Guillén. I wanted to write a paper on him that would not be about the themes of race and Blackness and mixture and Cuba and identity and society but that would, rather, focus on images and sound. People forget how complicated the rhythms and … More Nicolás Guillén

Front lines

So, when I start to dissociate slightly, lose my ability to concentrate and tener muy presentes past manipulative situations, it means I am actually in one now and do not see it. Now I see what it is. Should I quit this university level committee? It is important to stay on because ideally one could … More Front lines


If I did another degree and went into a different field it would probably not stanch my guilt over having done the first one. I should not have gone to college at a research university and I should not have gone to graduate school, but I did, and I have not removed from myself the … More Realization

Sheryl Sandberg

Of course, personal effort is hardly the whole story. I know women who have leaned in for a lifetime and been passed over. But it’s hard to see what’s wrong with encouraging big dreams, giving pointers on sexist bosses and salary negotiations, and telling women who join the mommy track before they even have a … More Sheryl Sandberg

Yorio and Jalics

Here is Verbitsky in Página 12 March 17, with documents, although I am told we should not trust Verbitsky. It seems that according to Jalics in 1995, Bergoglio really did turn them in. I am not surprised and would more or less assume it to be true. They are calling the Pope Pancho which is amusing. … More Yorio and Jalics